Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President / Co-Owner of PCI Group, discusses how PCI’S singular focus on transactional mail is an advantage for customers.

PCI Group’s Best In Class direct transactional mail services provides highly secure and compliant mail communications for business in ARM/Collections, Healthcare/Insurance, Financial, Utility and Telecom Industries.

In the transactional direct mail world, there’s no room for error. For printers that produce both transactional direct mail and direct mail that’s promotional often come up short. Companies should seek out a provider with a transactional direct mail focus. So, why does this matter? 

PCI Group’s Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Skip Pawul spoke about the topic. He offered insights on our advantage over other printers that don’t have a singular focus in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“That one piece of mail or envelop and not accounting for it doesn’t work in transactional direct mail,” Skip said.

Mission-critical print and mail facilities like ours have the highest standards around accuracy and compliance. With advanced technology and equipment, there’s a great assurance that every piece of mail goes into the correct envelope. Our relentless pursuit of these goals is reflected in our accuracy rate of 99.9999%.

“If a piece of promotional direct mail falls on the floor, it’s not a big deal,” Skip commented. But, of course, that’s not the same for confidential and private information. “It’s so secure and so protected,” he added. 

If compliance matters in your business, you’ll find you have a clear advantage with us because that’s all we do.