Many of today’s successful companies are moving away from staffing non-core business functions and shifting their resources to take advantage of what they do best—focusing on their business.

When businesses decide to dissolve their in-plant and outsource print and mail, it can be a bumpy road. In-plant operations transition challenges can be overwhelming, but we help make it as hassle-free and rapid as possible. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of PCI Group, chatted about how we support these moves. 

“Our team working with their IT team makes the transition smoother,” Skip said. That’s because we are experts in the field and have worked on many migrations from in-plant to outsourcing. One of the fundamentals is breaking down the process and getting granular about current operations. 

“Workflow and documenting, if they’ve been doing it for some time, requires getting into the weeds. In planning the transition, things pop up. We find that little things are challenges as it’s always been done that way,” Skip shared. 

When customers work with us, we introduce new possibilities into the process that boost efficiency and reduce costs. “Either we show them a new way to do things or manipulate the current workflow to be more efficient or handle the technology part,” Skip added. 

While change is never an easy journey, our customers realize a host of benefits when switching to outsourcing. We’re there all along the way to support the process.