Serena Robinson, Information Security and Compliance Officer for PCI Group, discusses the latest trends in compliance involving personal confidential communications.

PCI Group has established rigid protocols and surpassed industry compliance standards to protect our clients sensitive information.

The compliance ecosystem can be very complex. Adhering to regulations is not optional. Many measures regarding collecting, storing, and sharing sensitive data are in place. As a transactional print and mail provider, compliance with these is always a priority. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group Information and Compliance Officer Serena Robinson discussed the latest compliance trends that impact the company.

“In the world of compliance, if a breach happens, others become more vigilant about the security of their data. That can lead to new regulations,” Serena advised.

Compliance regarding data security is often the best way to protect an organization from suffering a breach. However, not every regulation affects every organization in the same manner. Serena discussed PCI Group’s PCI DSS compliance and certification. “Regulatory requirements are based on standards. While we don’t handle credit card information, it’s still important for us to be PCI DSS compliant.”

Serena offered some best practices for companies to remain compliant. “The best way to protect is to maintain the system and monitor all transmissions.”

As a compliance leader, Serena noted that the company must adhere to specific things for different customers. “Some require us to be PCI DSS, and others HIPAA.”

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