Many of today’s successful companies are moving away from staffing non-core business functions and shifting their resources to take advantage of what they do best—focusing on their business.

Migrating from an in-plant to outsourcing doesn’t have to be full of challenges. However, there are some key things that all parties can do to improve the process. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of PCI Group, shared in-plant transition best practices that can make a difference. 

“Once clients figure out the cost savings of a transition from in-house, senior management wants to implement it as soon as possible. However, aggressive onboarding schedules can cause unnecessary pain. Compressing it, things can happen, “ Skip said.

Skip’s next piece of advice is to “be ready for the unknown.” The reality is that you don’t know what you don’t know. For in-plant customers, there may be undocumented things in procedures that only previous operators know. We get to the bottom of these things to ensure more effective deployment. 

We also want to be a problem-solver, and we want clients to receive and accept our technology expertise when working with your IT team. “They may know some about the advanced technology but aren’t using it to its potential. That’s where we can help to get through it much quicker,” Skip noted. 

With numerous transitions from in-plant to outsourcing in our history, we make it as simple, straightforward, and efficient as possible so you can reap the benefits sooner.