Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations, discusses the what is required to properly process high volume transactional mail.

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Companies like PCI Group, which specialize in transactional mail, do so in large volumes. Millions of letters and statements run through the systems every week. While speed is critical, the processes and technology have to ensure accuracy and compliance when handling high-volume transactional mail. The company’s VP of Operations, Perry Fernandes, discussed what’s necessary to have this type of operation on this episode of Ask the Experts.

Perry explained, “We have very strict SLAs, service level agreements, with clients. Those can be 24-to-48-hour turnaround times, but sometimes as short as six hours. To meet those, you have to have the right technology and people in place.”

The advanced technology that PCI Group uses is critical in meeting these demands. Printers and inserters are best in class, but Perry noted that you have to have the right people behind solutions to bring it to fruition. “When we hire people, we’re looking for certain qualities and that they are wired a certain way to do this day in and day out. They need to have a sense of urgency. Having the technology is great, but you need a strong development department.”

The company works hard to build a culture of commitment to the processes and understanding the importance of doing it right every time.