Serena Robinson, Information Security and Compliance Officer for PCI Group, discusses the role of the compliance officer.

Compliance is a priority for transactional print and mail companies. Without strict adherence to regulations and procedures that ensure this, non-compliance can occur. As PCI Group is a leader in transactional print, we have a full-time compliance officer. To understand the role of this position, Serena Robinson, Information Security and Compliance Officer, shared her insights on this episode of Ask the Experts.

Serena has many responsibilities and duties as the company’s compliance officer to ensure that data security protocols are in place and that employees abide by policies to ensure integrity. “My message is the same across the board, and each employee must be accountable for what they are doing. That includes not opening emails or clicking links from people you don’t know.”

The role of a compliance officer can be challenging, with so many possibilities for incidents to occur. Serena said, “The human element is always the most difficult because you can’t automate it.”

In addition to being an advocate for security best practices, Serena also has ownership of audit log review. “Every system has a log trail that happens with it. Every transaction is logged,” she noted.

Because of this transparency in logging, there is always correlating information should any type of security incident occur.

Print and Mail Security & Compliance

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