The white paper factory process eliminates preprinted forms and envelopes, streamlines the print and mail processes, and lowers operational and postage costs while adding greater value to each mailpiece

The transactional print world requires extra handling because it includes highly compliant, secure, and personal information. However, that doesn’t mean that these mailings have to be without good design or impactful messaging. To go from simple black and white to something more requires the right technology. That’s something that we invested in years ago. Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President / Co-Owner of PCI Group, discussed how technology advanced transactional direct mail in this episode of Ask the Experts.

Skip said, “There are two sides, inkjet technology and inserts.” He then explained the lack of options when not using inkjet printers. “They have to create shells and pre-print with the black ink as an overlay.”

This outdated process is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Our adoption of the white paper factory approach changes all that. “With inkjet, we can print and mail with a white paper factory. White paper goes in, and the outcome is what you want in the envelope.”

This commitment to leveraging technology is something that sets us apart from other print and mail providers. It ensures that our clients can send branded and beautiful statements, invoices, and letters that also meet all compliance requirements. There are two ways we can do this for companies. 

“We can compose the letter and insert the data clients send us, or they can send it to us fully composed, and we print it,” Skip added. 

Great technology, options for our clients, and a dedication to compliance make us a leader in the transactional print world.