Skip Pawul, Executive Vice President / Co-Owner of PCI Group, discusses how PCI Group’s technology investments have improved its abilities to improve SLA performance for customers.

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Meeting customer SLAs (service level agreements) is an objective of every business. In the transactional direct mail world SLAs are integral to ensure compliance and much more. Often, improving SLAs requires an investment in technology? So, what investments has PCI Group made to meet SLAs? Find out in this episode of Ask the Experts, featuring Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Skip Pawul.

PCI Group has made considerable investments in technology to improve accuracy, quality, and speed. So what makes the biggest difference for customer SLAs? The Epic® inserter. “The new Epic inserters are tremendous due to their integrity but the ease in changing envelopes,” Skip added.

We can seamlessly switch back and forth between #10 envelopes and other sizes with the Epic inserter. “An operator can do this, not an engineer. We can go back and forth and not skip a beat,” Skip said.

This improvement may seem like a minor feature, but in reality, older inserters that don’t have this require considerable time for switching. Skip explained, “Old technology required 30 to 40 minutes for an envelope change. Doing this a few times impacts production and SLAs.”

Our clients don’t need to worry about throughput and meeting deadlines and have the flexibility to use a variety of envelope sizes to best suit their needs.