Serena Robinson, Information Security and Compliance Officer, discusses the compliance standards PCI is compliant with.

PCI Group has established rigid protocols and surpassed industry compliance standards to protect our clients sensitive information.

When it comes to compliance mandates, businesses must make this a focus. It extends to the partnerships they have as well. Protecting customer reputation and avoiding fines and lawsuits is a pillar of PCI Group’s compliance program. Sharing how they do this, Information and Compliance Officer Serena Robinson offered her perspective on this episode of Ask the Experts.

Serena noted all the compliance standards to which PCI Group adheres. “We are SOC I & II, PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, and HITRUST.” That’s a long list of compliance measures to manage for customers. “Different contracts require different compliance to mandates depending on what they need and do.”

Dealing with so many security measures, Serena stated there is often commonality amongst the regulations. “There’s a lot of information security overlap with many. FISMA doesn’t because it’s a higher standard.”

PCI Group has many protocols in place to maintain compliance. Besides employing a full-time compliance officer, the company also participates in regular auditing. “We have an external audit firm that audits us at least twice a year. Someone’s on-site every six months. That’s just our internal process. Clients also audit us. If those clients have external parties auditing them, we open our doors to them, too,” Serena said. 

As a transactional print and mail provider, compliance and security are always a priority. We hold ourselves to the highest mandates to deliver the most compliant process for our clients. Your Content Goes Here