When our company, Hagerty, a specialty insurance provider focused on the global automotive enthusiast market, decided to put even greater emphasis on our core competencies, we made a decision to see if it made sense to outsource our print and mail center. In 2019, we started this process by inviting several vendors to participate in our RFP. The farther we progressed in our search, the more it became apparent that PCI was the best choice to take over our internal print and mail operations. Their attention to security and compliance, along with their knowledge of the insurance industry and experience in outsourcing print and mail centers like ours, set them apart.

Looking back now, roughly a year since we made our decision, I would say, the transition could not have gone better. Their implementation planning and execution were near flawless. PCI’s implementation team were extremely hands-on, guiding us through every step. Our implementation was right on schedule, almost like we never made the transition. And, since that time, the day-to-day operations have continued to run without issue. PCI makes it easy to do business with them. They do what they say they’re going to do and they are extremely consistent in executing on their SLA commitments.

Maybe the best thing I can say about this, is that if we had to do this all over again, we would do it exactly the same way. PCI has been as good as advertised.