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Delivering accurate, compliant, high-quality statements to your customers can be easy when you outsource to a trusted transactional print and mail provider. As a leader in this business communications specialist, PCI Group offers statement printing and mail services for various financial institutions.

Through advanced technology, standardized processes, the highest standard in security, and more, your organization can rely on us. Our expert team has decades of experience in this area of print and mail. You’ll realize many benefits by working with us.

The Details on Statement Printing and Mail Services

statement printing servicesWe’re a full-service print and mail provider. We manage the entire process, from delivery of data to printing, mailing, and tracking. Additionally, we offer statement design services, which can update your communications to be more engaging for customers.

Our customers have complete transparency in the process. Via our business document management tracking system, trakPCI, you can monitor the status of all your jobs and statement printing services in real time. Monitor them through the mail stream to delivery. trakPCI has many other features, including:

  • Reporting capabilities for many different metrics
  • Customizable reports
  • Requesting changes to statements
  • The ability to request statement changes, add new statements, and monitor requests
  • A complete archived history of your statement change process with bi-directional confirmation reports and PDF samples
  • Accessing accounting data, such as running postage totals, postage costs, and invoice details


Types of Statements You Can Outsource

Any company who generates customer statements can outsource their print production and mailing. Here are some examples.

Mortgage and HELOC Statement Printing Services and Mailing

Each month, you prepare mortgage statements and HELOC (home equity line of credit) statements for your customers. The information contained in these communications is confidential and personally identifiable. Thus, there must be consistency in meeting compliance, accuracy, and quality standards.

Working with PCI Group as your partner, you will have peace of mind in regard to these things. That’s because all we do is transactional print and mail. We use processes, technology, and best practice to ensure HELOC and mortgage statements arrive when they should and are always in the correct envelope.

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If you are looking to streamline your print and mailing operations, partner with PCI Group to save! Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your current setup and cost of ownership, then present you with options to help optimize efficiency and reduce your current expenses.

Checking and Savings Account Statement Printing and Mailing

For banks and credit unions, monthly checking and savings account statements are a huge part of your communications. Customers rely on these to be timely and accurate so they can reconcile their accounts. If you’re doing this in-house, it’s an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. You can choose to outsource checking and savings account statement printing to PCI Group.

Credit Card Statement Printing and Mailing

Another type of statement that financial institutions must print and mail is credit card accounts. These documents are time-sensitive, so ensuring efficient and accurate delivery is essential. These statements also offer opportunities to promote other products or special financing offers to customers. That’s all possible with the WPF framework and dynamic printing.

Consumer Lending Statement Printing and Mailing

Consumers often take out personal loans with banks to consolidate other loans or make purchases. These documents deliver information to consumers regarding payment dates, outstanding balances, and interest rates. Our statement printing services allow you to outsource this production, so you save money and maintain the level of quality and integrity you expect.

Auto Finance Statement Printing and Mailing

Car loans also require monthly statement printing and mailing. Auto finance companies can work with us to manage this process for you. All communications will be compliant, accurate, and delivered on time. From the delivery of the data to us through the delivery of the mail, you can monitor all the activities of these jobs in the trakPCI dashboard.

Print and Mail Compliance Standards

Why PCI Group Is a Leader in Statement Printing Services

We have a long history in the transactional print and mail space. Each year, we improve our processes, technology, training, and workflows to deliver for our clients. Several things set us apart from the others for statement printing services.

We are postage experts.

Using posting optimization strategies, including presorting, comingling, and standardization, you get the best rate for each piece. Due to the high volume of items we mail, you benefit from the bulk pricing we receive.

Our White Paper Factory (WPF) optimizes production.

The WPF framework is a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for statement printing. The production process marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion to deliver ultra-secure, highly accurate, variable data-generated statements. White rolls of paper feed into printers, producing customized statements without limitations. It enables the use of full color and images wherever you’d like it. With the ability to print dynamically, you no longer need to pre-print templates.

We have a singular focus on transactional print and mail.

Our work is 100% in the transactional field. Annually, we print 3 billion images and mail over 500 million packages, including 85 million checks, which equates to over 2% of the nation’s transactional print.

Our quality assurance program is robust.

Our quality assurance (QA) strategy includes our adoption of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. We bake quality into the process through over 270 standard works. Every operator in every facility performs tasks the same way. Our dedicated QA team focuses on removing risk and waste from processes. To keep quality consistent, we conduct 96,000 standard audits each, with a passing grade of 99.89%.

We’re easy to do business with.

We partner with our customers and build relationships based on trust and transparency. We’re responsive to your needs with 24/7 support. We’re continuously improving what we do and finding ways to be more efficient. We demystify the world of transactional print to provide solutions that meet our customer’s needs with clarity and expertise.

We have an industry-leading accuracy rating of 99.9999%.

Accuracy depends on the process, and we keep continually improving ours to maintain this rating. We developed a proprietary method called LetterDNA. It enables intelligent insertion using 2D barcodes, the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb), and high-speed cameras to track statements during production through USPS delivery. Integrity cameras are used throughout the process. They read each 2D barcode to ensure each letter folds separately into the envelope. Another camera takes an image of the inserted envelope to validate the correct insertion further.

We have extensive outsourcing experience.

Transitioning statement printing and mailing from your in-house operations is something we’ve done for many companies. Our team of industry veterans and our strategic implementation process ensure that it’s a painless migration with the best outcomes.

Compliance is in our DNA.

Since we only produce transactional work, everything we do has a compliance component. We hold certifications in SOC I & II, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, and FISMA. Additionally, we employ a full-time Compliance Officer who ensures we meet and exceed compliance requirements and stay current on changing regulations.

Our security protocols exceed minimums.

We use the most advanced processes to ensure data is secure by encrypting it in transit and at rest. Our network is fortified with the best firewall security and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Along with data security, we also have physical security measures, including access-limiting key cards, door alarms, internal and external cameras, a gated entry, and a secure property perimeter.

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