Custom Invoice Printing Services

Delivering accurate, compliant customer invoices is a requirement for a variety of companies. These mission-critical communications also fall under transactional print and mail. As a result, they require diligence around regulations related to data privacy and protection. These documents demand a high investment in time, money, and resources, which has driven many organizations to outsource business invoice printing services and mailing.

Types of Custom Invoice Printing Services and Mailing Solutions

Any company that sends out regular invoices to customers can take advantage of these services and solutions. Examples include:

All these documents are in the category of transactional print and mail. If you’ve never considered outsourcing these, it’s a good time to reassess.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Custom Invoice Printing and Mailing

If you’re producing invoices in-house, the capital expenses are growing daily, even if your volume drops due to digital adoption. Your costs include equipment, technology, labor, overhead, materials, and postage. It may no longer make fiscal sense to keep your in-plant running.

Reducing costs by outsourcing custom invoice printing ensures that you take advantage of a transactional print company’s volume in relation to materials and postage. You’ll also no longer have those capital expenditures in your budget.

Saving money is often a key driver in the decision to outsource, but there are even more reasons to do this, including these advantages.

custom invoice printing

Learn More About PCI Invoice Print and Mail Services

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Improve Accuracy

Transactional print companies use advanced and sophisticated technology and defined processes to ensure every invoice goes into the correct envelope. PCI Group has an industry-leading 99.9999% accuracy rating.

We’ve attained and maintained this through proprietary methods. We use intelligent insertion using 2D barcodes, the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb), and high-speed cameras to track documents from production to USPS delivery. Additionally, integrity cameras read 2D barcodes to make sure that each piece of paper folds separately into the envelope. Another camera takes an image of the inserted envelope to verify the correct insertion.

Strengthen Compliance and Security

Compliance in invoice printing and mail is non-negotiable. You have obligations to meet, and you need a compliance-centric provider. PCI Group only produces transactional print and mail, so everything we do is compliance related. We hold certifications in SOC I & II, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, and FISMA. To keep abreast of all new regulatory requirements, we have a full-time Compliance Officer to manage and lead this.

Compliance also links to data and physical security. These things are a key part of all processes. It starts with data transmission via SFTP with encryption while in transit and at rest. Additional layers of security consist of advanced firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), user-level security, and more cybersecurity best practices.

Physical security is also a priority. We protect your communications with access-limiting key cards, door alarms, internal and external cameras, a gated entry, and a secure property perimeter.

Enhance the Quality of Invoice Printing and Mailing

Quality means that every production run is consistent and meets your standards. Our approach to this is with a robust quality assurance (QA) program based on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. We’ve created over 270 standard works to ensure that every operator, shift, and location does the work the same way. We also evaluate our QA efforts with 40,000 standard audits annually, with an average grade of 99.89%.

Boost Engagement with Customers with Design Services and Dynamic Printing Options

Another component of invoice printing services is improving the look and layout of invoices. Our design team has years of experience in developing invoices that are easy to understand, highlight essential information, include full color, and align with your branding. Invoice design services are another perk of working with PCI Group. Changes and letter testing are easy and simple.

You’ll also be able to personalize messaging on your invoices with dynamic printing capabilities. We use a White Paper Factory (WPF) production framework. It marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production, so you can customize communications by customer for upselling, cross-selling, or informing. Using the WPF method also eliminates the need for costly pre-printed templates.

Retain Full Visibility for Custom Invoice Printing Services and Mail with trakPCI

If you outsource, you don’t lose control over the process. Our customers have transparency in the process. Through our business document management tracking system, trakPCI, you can monitor the status of all your custom invoice printing jobs in real-time. Follow them through the mail stream to delivery. trakPCI has many other capabilities, including:

  • A variety of standard reports on various metrics and the ability to create custom ones
  • Submitting changes to invoices
  • The ability to request statement changes, add new statements, and monitor requests
  • A complete archived history of your invoice changes with bi-directional confirmation reports and PDF samples
  • Accounting data access to find information on running postage totals, postage costs, and invoice details

Rely on PCI Group and Our Outsourcing Expertise for Invoice Printing Services

We have extensive experience in outsourcing, including supporting customers as they transition from in-house operations. We have a documented strategy on how to do this, and it involves dedicated onboarding and implementation resources for customers. We make migrations seamless and smooth, ensuring we test and validate everything before going live.

If you’re ready to cut costs while improving accuracy, compliance, and quality, you’ll find a true partner with PCI Group performing your custom invoice printing. Contact us below to schedule your free consultation.

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