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We are postal experts and as such we follow USPS best practices to optimize how we pre-sort and handle mail delivery and to reduce postal costs.

We are a full service mailer utilizing presort and the IMB to gain the deepest postage discounts. We also have the ability to comingle jobs to achieve maximum postal discounts.

In addition, we utilize PSI (Pitney Bowes Presort) to comingle completed packages to attain a great postal discount. We compare the presorted rate against the PSI rate to determine the most cost-effective postage for each mailing.

  • The 13th company in the country to implement using the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)

  • USPS postal expertise staff in-house

  • Utilize PSI (Pitney Bowes Presort) to comingle completed packages

  • Address scrubbing (PCI Scrub) technology minimizes the high costs associated with undelivered mail

  • Zip+4 Address Standardization to update your file, based on your customer’s address record

  • NCOA Link Service Provider, (National Change of Address) to determine if there is a new move address on file

  • Delivery Point Validation (DVP), we append address information by examining the address on file for your customer

  • Both electronic and manual return mail processing

  • Priority mailings for USPS, UPS and FedEx; both overnight and 2-3 day

  • Certificate of Bulk Mail and Certificate of Mail manifest mailings

USPS Mail Tracking

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