Online Business Document Management

online business document management

When businesses outsource transactional print and mail, they still require access to information about their jobs. With trakPCI, you have an online business document management portal that enables you to track and monitor all your mailings. It also provides an array of reporting tools that deliver data-driven insights.

trakPCI allows you to monitor the status of each print and mailed communication during production through pick-up and delivery in real-time.

Keeping track of your documents and giving you full access to your account records is essential in outsourcing. trakPCI offers a dashboard view and is secure and web-based. Users can review their information anytime with a login.

With trakPCI, you can track, schedule, and control all of your production jobs with complete transparency. The dashboard assigns a mailing priority to each file and a different job number for each priority. These job numbers display in your daily confirmation reports.

Key trakPCI Features

trakPCI has a rich array of functionality for users. This information keeps you in control and informed about all your transactional print and mail. With trakPCI, you can:

  • Schedule production.
  • Receive full disclosure of all critical account information.
  • Manage all your letters.
  • View account information.
  • Get real-time status updates.
  • Request letter changes or add new ones.
  • Access your archives, including bi-directional confirmation reports and PDF samples.
  • Run standard and customized reports.
  • Review accounting data.

How Does trakPCI Track Mailings to Delivery?

Monitoring documents through the mail stream relies on the USPS IMb (Intelligent Mail® Barcode). The IMb is a 65-bar postal service barcode for sorting and tracking letters. It’s unique for every piece and the information on its progress updates in real-time within the online business document management platform.

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trakPCI Supports Job-Level Accountability

trakPCI assigns each print file a unique job number. It prints on a job sheet and follows the print file from data processing to client invoicing. The sheet accompanies the job throughout the manufacturing process through mail injection.

The job sheet contains any specific stationery or processing instructions. Using the job number, you can view the movement of the job through the print, insert, and mail injection process via trakPCI. The PCI operations team uses the same information in trakPCI to deliver visibility into the actual production process.

trakPCI Tools

Within the trakPCI ecosystem, additional tools are available for maintaining the visibility of your transactional print and mail.

trakPCI Accounting Data

Along with the tools and reports available, trakPCI also serves as a source for your account tallies. You can view your postage total costs in real-time. Additionally, you can look up your inventory levels. The system stores pre-invoiced expenses and historical invoice data to ensure your accounting team can access costs.

Using trakPCI for Letter Changes

Updates to your documents occur often, and the process can be smooth with trakPCI. You can request changes to current layouts and monitor progress within the portal. Our letter design team will make adjustments and send you a proof within the system for review and approval. All these transactions remain in your archives should you need them.

Data, Insights, and Control Are Always Available with trakPCI, Online Business Document Management

Outsourcing transactional print and mail doesn’t mean you relinquish control. With the right partner like PCI Group, transparency and visibility are always available with trakPCI. You gain many benefits from this online business document management platform. From real-time reporting to managing letter requests to tracking letters, it’s all at your fingertips.

trakPCI Online Business Document Management Reporting Features

For any data point in trakPCI, you have access to reporting on it. There are standard reports available. You can also design your own depending on the information you seek. Samples of report types include:

  • Received files and confirmation information
  • Letter volume and mailing history
  • Real-time status of all your mail
  • Accounting data: running postage totals, postage costs and invoice details such as pre-invoiced expenses and historical invoice data
  • Inventory reporting
  • Job turnaround time
  • File tracking

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