Online Business Document Management

trakPCI allows you to monitor the status of each print and mailed communication during production through the U.S. Postal Service pick-up and delivery in real time.

Keeping track of your documents and giving you full access to your account records is a top priority at PCI Group. Our dashboard technology – a completely secure web-based business document management tracking system – enables you to monitor the status of each document during its PCI Group production through to its U.S. Postal service pick-up in real time.

Utilizing our dashboard, you can track, schedule and control all of your production jobs giving you full transparency and control. The dashboard assigns a mailing priority to each file and a different job number for each priority. These job numbers are displayed in daily confirmation reports.

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You gain account management capabilities that are far beyond the norm, including:

  • Full disclosure of all critical account information

  • Real-time status reports on all your mail

  • Full letter/document process management

  • Request letter change capabilities, add new letters and monitor requests

  • Complete archived history of your letter change processes with bi-directional confirmation reports and PDF sample

  • Access to accounting data such as running postage totals, postage costs and invoice details such as pre-invoiced expenses and historical invoice data to give your accounting team complete control over your mail expenses

  • Customized real-time reports.

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