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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Print and Mail Services

ACTIV dRPCI Group’s ACTIV dR solution protects you against both planned and unplanned business disruptions. Most traditional Disaster Recovery programs use a “cold-site” approach, which can be costly, typically only designed for catastrophic events and complicated to deploy when you need them most.

Conversely, PCI ACTIV dR solution is an always on and active or hot site solution which can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. With ACTIV dR, PCI Group methodically processes a small portion of customer work and rotates through all customer applications on a regular schedule. This ensures we are actively processing current work from file transfer to mailing. It also enables us to test on a periodic basis to make sure we are up-to-date with any of the changes you make to your business communications.

The chart below illustrates the difference between PCI’s ACTIV dR solution and the traditional Disaster Recovery approach.

Traditional DR vs. PCI ACTIV dR for Print and Mail Business Continuity

Traditional DR Approach

PCI Group’s ACTIV dR

Significant annual fee to participate No annual fee
Declaration fee No declaration fee
Declaration implementation expenses including travel, implementation and testing Since PCI’s program is always active, no travel, testing or implementation expense necessary
Standard run time rates, click fees and material expense Competitive rates for materials and click fees
Redundant operations Redundant operations (SC and TX)
Variety of manufacturing environments White Paper Factory / Lean Manufacturing
Typically, online account management is not included Online / Real Time Account Management. Track production from data transfer to delivery
Annual testing Daily / Weekly / Monthly testing as determined by customer agreement PCI runs a small portion of customer work on a regular basis to ensure we stay current with changes and are continually testing your applications

Business Disruption Prevention

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In a historically disruptive moment, like we found ourselves in with the COVID-19 virus, PCI Group is here to support your business. If you need help processing your printed and mailed communications, normally produced through your in-house print and mail center or by a third party, we’re here for you.

Our disaster recovery and business continuity program is ready to assist you in at a moment’s notice. Our operations are highly scalable and protect you, in real time, against a wide-range of unplanned and planned business disruptions like:

  • Loss of employees
  • Equipment failure or downtime
  • Peak demand periods
  • Building repairs or relocation
  • Changes to equipment leases
  • And much more . . .
Disaster Recovery Plan

Maintain Business Critical Communications

No matter the cause

  • Natural Disasters
  • Heightened States of Emergency
  • Utility Disruptions
  • Peak Demand
  • Planned or Unplanned Outages
  • Staffing Reduction

We can keep your business fully operational. Our business centers are built on a scalable, secure and compliant cloud infrastructure to provide you with full redundancy in the event of any type of business disruption.

Protect Cash Flow & Business Reputation

A delay in sending mission critical communications can cause cash flow delays resulting in customer dissatisfaction and damage to your reputation.

Partnering with us enables you to maintain business continuity with a partner who processes highly secure, highly compliant, confidential communications with leading industry accuracy.

With our business recovery plan in place, you can maintain business as usual and protect your reputation.

Protect Cash Flow with Disaster Recovery Plan

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