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PCI Group’s Ask The Experts Video Blogs

As thought leaders in transactional direct mail, PCI Group’s management team is frequently asked to share their expertise in industry focus groups and panel discussions.  These discussions led us to produce the “Ask the Experts” series of videos to share PCI’s expertise with a wider audience.  The following videos, on a wide range of relevant topics, provide listeners with key insights regarding the technology and processes PCI deploys to deliver the most secure, compliant and accurate transactional direct mail in the industry.

How does PCI Group help customers cut costs of their transactional print?

Organizations are always seeking to reduce expenses. For those that currently print and mail transactional documents, those are only rising. As a result, many businesses have decided that outsourcing is a better option. [...]

What are the benefits of outsourcing transactional print and mail for customers?

Organizations that want to save money while improving quality, accuracy, and compliance will realize all these benefits and more with outsourcing. Outsourcing transactional print and mail delivers a variety of positive impacts for [...]

Why is outsourcing transactional communications complementary to business digital transformation?

Customer communications have evolved, and companies and consumers have adopted digital channels. These efforts fall into business digital transformation initiatives, which help companies modernize and use technology more effectively. Pursuing digital transformation is [...]

How much cost savings can in-plants achieve by transitioning print and mail to PCI Group?

One of the key reasons that businesses choose to transition from an in-plant to outsourcing is cost savings. The amount of capital needed to maintain and run these operations is becoming cost prohibitive. Even [...]

What questions should customers ask when looking to outsource transactional print (part two)

In this second of a two-part conversation on Ask the Experts, PCI Group President and Owner Chris Kropac continued with recommendations for businesses. Choosing to outsource transactional print has many benefits. You can [...]

What questions should customers ask when looking to outsource transactional print (part one)

When companies decide to outsource transactional print, they need to evaluate different vendors in the market. This assessment should include many questions relating to key things like processes, quality, accuracy, SLAs, etc. In [...]