Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty.

To accomplish this, smart businesses take advantage of every opportunity to maximize customer engagement by maximizing the following for their print and mail communications:

  • The points or moments along the customer journey where customers interact with your company and brand.
  • Finding the right message and tone to connect with customers
  • Creating clearly defined goals – the purpose for your engagement. What would you like to achieve? Sales, loyalty, awareness… whatever it is, having a concrete goal will ensure your message is to the point and will resonate with your audience.
  • Targeting and Personalization. Now that you’ve decided your message, touchpoint and goal you need to be clear about exactly the customers you’re targeting. Personalizing your message to each and every customer enables you to engage with them in way that creates an emotional connection.

Good news! Using PCI’s document design and Transpromotional services you can accomplish all of the above and with virtually no additional expense to your business!

Document Design Best Practices:

  • Keep it simple. Simplify your messaging by removing duplicate fields and redundant text to focus on your company’s target message. Keeping things simple leaves space to add marketing messages, coupons, announcements and other call-to-actions.
  • Maintain consistency. Keeping design elements consistent across all communication channels and in accordance with your brand standards. Make it easy for your customers to identify with your company and easy for them to quickly find information.
  • Make it visually appealing. Include all the important information, but don’t overwhelm customers with too much content. Guide your reader’s eyes through your document to help customers better retain information.
  • Use a legible font. Use a font that provides a good user experience and aesthetically complements your brand.
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