Transactional Printing Services

Transactional printing services represent a subset of communications sent from businesses to their customers. What makes this a unique type of mail is that all documents produced must meet compliance regulations regarding the privacy and confidentiality of the information, whether it be PHI (protected health information) or PII (personally identifiable information).

This specialized area of customer communications requires precision around security, accuracy, quality, and integrity. As a result, few companies can do this so reliably. Few print and mail companies handle only this type of work, but PCI Group does. Our production focuses on transactional printing services. This concentration on transactional print has enabled our operations to improve continuously and deliver the services businesses expect. If you still have questions about transactional printing, we have a great blog on what transactional printing is.

Examples of Transactional Printing Services

Many types of print and mail fall under the category of high volume transactional printing. It applies to any communication that contains PHI, PII, or other sensitive customer data information.

Here are some examples.

Debt Collection Communications

The ARM (Accounts Receivable Management) industry is another that must comply with rules regarding debtor communications. There are regulations around the content, timeframe, and more that must be followed to remain compliant. PCI Group is an ARM print and mail expert, including debt collection letters, adverse action letters, privacy notices, and credit risk disclosures.

Utility Communications

Consumers still prefer to receive mailed statements and invoices from their utility providers. They often outsource transactional print and mail services to reduce costs and improve the workflow. We work with many utilities throughout the country to fulfill these needs. This is another industry that can benefit from dynamic messaging to get customers to join programs, understand new rates, or deliver other pertinent information. Our utility transactional mail services include bills, statements, late notices, service cancellations, shut-off notices, rate increase letters, and more.

Insurance Communications

Both auto and property and casualty (P&C) insurance providers must send a variety of documents to their customers. These include billing statements, policy cancellation notices, renewal declarations, policy reinstatement notices, lender-placed insurance letters, notices of collateral protection insurance, and more. These are all subject to compliance requirements, as well.

Insurance companies choose to outsource these to reduce costs and improve the process. PCI Group works with many businesses in this industry to deliver accurate and compliant communications.

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Healthcare Communications

Providers, insurance companies, and other healthcare organizations have very specific requirements about communications with PHI. HIPAA governs all this and has many stipulations regarding the process. They do have the option to outsource this work with a transactional printer. The types of documents to outsource include:

Healthcare Transactional Printing Services
  • Referral Approvals and Denials

  • Patient Information Update Letters and Notices

  • Hospital and Lab Invoices

Financial Communications

Under the large umbrella of financial communications, many of these fall into the transactional category. From statements to regulatory mailings to other important information notices, financial institutions can rely on the expertise of our team. We work with a variety of companies in this area to fulfill print and mail needs for:

Financial Transactional Printing Services
  • Credit Card Statements

  • Annual Tax Forms

  • Credit Card Statements

  • Regulatory or Privacy Mailings

  • Auto Finance Statements

  • Consumer Lending Statements

Telecom Communications

Telecom companies appreciate the streamlined and high-quality processes that PCI Group offers. Since many of these documents include PII, accuracy is a must. These letters also allow companies to cross-sell and upsell, and our dynamic printing approach allows for personalization that gets noticed. Telecom outsources print and mail for invoices, statements, discontinued service, late payment notices, and more.

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What Makes PCI Group Uniquely Positioned to Be Your Transactional Printing Services Provider?

First and foremost, transactional print is all we do! Annually, we print 3 billion images and mail over 500 million packages, including 85 million checks, which equates to over 2% of the nation’s transactional print. As a result, we have fine-tuned the process, enabling our customers to reap the many benefits.

Here’s a preview of those.

Transactional Print and Mail Outsourcing Expertise

Transitioning transaction mail from in-house operations is something we excel at. Our team of experienced industry leaders and our implementation process ensure a smooth migration for customers. Our portfolio of customers include many large and medium size companies who we have transitioned from in-house print and mail to our facilities.

Postage Optimization

Our large volume of mailings enables us to presort and comingle to achieve the best rates. We’re also able to standardize many of the mailings for our clients to reap more pricing advantages. We also use PCI Scrub to ensure deliverability and minimize the costs of undelivered mail.

White Paper Factory (WPF)

The WPF is the best turnkey solution for transactional print. It marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion to deliver ultra-secure, highly accurate, variable data-generated documents.

Operators feed white rolls of paper into printers. Documents and envelopes print at the same time, eliminating almost all waste. The production process also allows for the use of full color in any area. The ability to print dynamically also removes the need for pre-printed templates.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance (QA) program includes Lean Manufacturing with Six Sigma quality. With these principles, we emphasize quality in the process with over 270 standard works. This ensures consistency of operations across all operators, shifts, and locations.

We also have a dedicated QA team that’s vigilant about removing waste and risk from a process. To ensure continuous improvement, we perform 40,000 standard audits each year, with a passing grade of 99.89%.


We have an industry-leading accuracy rating of 99.9999%. We achieve this rating because of our advanced processes and technology. We developed a proprietary method called LetterDNA. It involves several components. First, there’s intelligent insertion using 2D barcodes, the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb), and high-speed cameras to track documents from production to USPS delivery. Second, integrity cameras read each 2D barcode to ensure each letter folds separately into the envelope. Another camera takes an image of the inserted envelope to validate the correct insertion.


Since we only print transaction documents, everything we do has a compliance component. We hold certifications in SOC I & II, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, and FISMA. Additionally, we have a full-time Compliance Officer who is responsible for all compliance obligations, requirements, and updates.

Data and Physical Security

We employ the most advanced processes for data security to protect your customer data. Data transmission is via SFTP with encryption while in transit and at rest. Our network has robust defenses, including advanced firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), user-level security, and more.

In addition to data security, our facilities have physical security measures in place. Those include access-limiting key cards, door alarms, internal and external cameras, a gated entry, and a secure property perimeter.

Easy to Do Business With

When you work with us, you gain a partner, not a vendor. Responsive support is always available, as customers can contact us 24/7. We continue to invest in and refine our processes to uphold accuracy, quality, and compliance. We demystify the world of transactional print to deliver solutions that meet our customer’s needs with clarity and expertise.

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