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Excellent quality is not enough. Consistent excellent quality is the standard we hold ourselves to at PCI Group.

That’s why we adopted Lean Manufacturing and utilize Six Sigma Methodologies. Together, Lean and Six Sigma help to identify and eliminate waste and drive improvement in quality throughout our organization. We follow the process map to identify all the steps in a process and continuously evaluate our value streams and eliminate non-value-added activities.

With a trained Lean / Six Sigma management team and staff, we use continuous process improvement, 5S, Standard Work process documentation and Standard Work process audits to ensure we consistently produce the highest quality products and services across all departments and shifts. We have 300+ employees dedicated to Quality with 16 Lean / Six Sigma trained Quality professionals supporting production across all shifts and facilities.

This enables us to improve quality, increase operational efficiencies, minimize errors and reduce overall cost.

Our Lean Manufacturing Journey includes:

Continuous Improvement efforts at all levels of operation
Standard Work documents for all production operations
Structured audits of the Standard Work
Operator training and certification
Ongoing Lean Manufacturing study and skills development
Creating a visual factory by displaying (KPIs) in production areas

Print and Mail LEAN - 5S - Quality

What Is The Difference Between Six Signma and Lean?

Lean Six Sigma

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we continue to invest in our LEAN manufacturing journey. In 2015, we transitioned from an inspection culture to a prevention culture when we transitioned our operations to audit our business and manufacturing processes. Annually, we conduct over 100,000 quality audits to ensure our standards are being maintained.

Every member of PCI’s Quality team has achieved Six Sigma-Green Belt certification or greater. Additionally, many other employees, through our homegrown program have earned Six Sigma certifications. Below is a current listing of the Six Sigma certifications and the number of employees who hold them.

► One (1) Certified Master Black Belt v.2
► Six (19) Certified Black Belts
► Seventeen (17) Certified Green Belts
► Forty-three (33) Certified Yellow Belts
► Twenty-four (66) Certified White Belts

As a result of their efforts and other improvements we have made in our business, we were able to process over 3 billion images and mailed over 450 million packages in 2021 with a 99.9999% accuracy rate.

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