USPS Mail Tracking

With PCI PinPoint you get USPS mail tracking to confirm delivery of your letters and the transparency to validate end-to-end reconciliation through out production of your letter communications.

Utilizing the USPS IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode), PCI developed “PCI Pinpoint”, allowing us to provide benefits of USPS tracking of over 400 million pieces of mail in the USPS mail stream on behalf of our clients.

We believe transparency drives better operating results, so we provide customers a window into our end-to-end process to generate their communications. Using our online, proprietary account management system, trakPCI, we provide customers full disclosure of the daily processing of their printed and mailed communications.

  • Want to know where a piece of mail is within the mail stream using USPS mail tracking?
    PinPoint tells you.

  • Want to know which records were delivered…what day…what time?
    PinPoint shows you.

  • Want to maintain a historical record of each document in our database?
    PinPoint does.

  • Want to select what letter should be mailed and which should be held?
    PinPoint lets you.

  • Want detailed information on how many address changes, forward and return mail records were processed?
    PinPoint gives you that level of detail.

  • Want to know how long your mail is taking to travel across the country?
    PinPoint tells you.

  • Want to know who has mailed their remittance envelope back and when a remittance reply envelope is on its way back to you?
    PinPoint tells you.

USPS Mail Tracking

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