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In business, the ability to track critical communications is essential. US Mail with Tracking is part of many workflows, both digital and physical. In the physical realm, US mail with tracking is crucial to ensuring you meet compliance requirements regarding time-sensitive mailings. It can be cumbersome and hard to manage if you’re doing it internally, but there are alternatives that deliver many USPS mail tracking benefits.

US Mail With Tracking and Challenges Organizations Face

In the workflow of producing and mailing transactional mail, you must have a process that confirms delivery by a specified date. Having a secure system in place provides you with an audit trail, which you’ll need for compliance reporting.

The USPS system is relatively simple and relies upon its IMb (Intelligent Mail® Barcode) to provide an end-to-end tracking mechanism that covers when a letter hits the mail stream to its delivery. Anyone can use these tools. However, if this isn’t a core competency, then you will likely have challenges.

If your organization produces a high volume of transactional mail and needs to track it via US Mail with Tracking, it’s a manual process, which is tedious and hard to manage. In addition to the burden of manual tasks, your costs for tracking, in general, may be rising. Tracking is a necessary component of your workflow–you just need a better way to do it that’s efficient and cost-effective. The answer lies in outsourcing these functions, which can deliver many more benefits.

US Mail with Tracking Benefits with a Transactional Mail Partner

The primary benefit of USPS tracking is to have proof that a letter was mailed to the recipient and received by that person with a date stamp. It’s validation that you’ve met compliance rules and eliminates any allegations by an addressee that they never received it.

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USPS tracking transactional mail

There are even more benefits for your organization when you outsource the entire process to a transactional mail provider.

  • Reduce the amount of undelivered mail and its costs by taking advantage of your partner’s ability to use address hygiene and scrubbing tools.
  • Include certified mail pieces and receive electronic delivery confirmation.
  • Review data about how long mail cycles take across the country so you can use that to plan production better.
  • Retrieve a historical record of each document you’ve ever sent with USPS tracking.
  • Access a dashboard that allows you to control production, tracking, and scheduling at any time.
  • Save on costs associated with tracking by taking advantage of the large volume of mail produced by an outsourced partner.

If you want to get out of the print and mail business, then you can realize all these benefits of USPS mail with tracking with the right partner. In a time when costs are only going up around postage and materials, it makes good business sense to consider alternatives and the advantages they deliver to your business. You can attain worry-free print and mail operations that you can be confident will arrive on time, with all the information available to you via a secure portal.

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What Is trakPCI?

trakPCI is a service that allows for complete transparency in tracking your jobs and mail as it enters the system. You’ll be able to view all your print and mail operations in real time. In addition to tracking, it has solutions for address management and USPS certified mail. Within the platform, you can also request letter changes, pull historical reports, and review accounting data.

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