Address Hygiene and Address Scrubbing

What’s more important to efficient, cost-effective document delivery than accurate addresses?

As part of our transactional print and maill process, our Address Scrubbing technology keeps your print mail moving forward while minimizing the high costs associated with undelivered mail.

PCI Scrub helps locates people that move to a new address. Before any document is printed and mailed, PCI Scrub identifies and intercepts inaccurate or incomplete addresses.

We’ve integrated this proprietary technology into our postal presorting process and in conjunction with our deployment of the U.S. Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB). Applying these technologies, your mailing addresses are automatically scrubbed for maximum accuracy and optimum mail delivery.

Before any document is printed and mailed, PCI Scrub identifies and intercepts inaccurate or incomplete addresses. If there is updated address information, the bad address is replaced with the good address and placed on the outgoing document.

You receive notification of the new address electronically so you can update your database for future mailings. Where a correct address cannot be found, PCI Scrub rejects the address before printing the letter thereby saving you stationery and postage costs.

We provide this information to you in either a hard copy report or an electronic file which is available to you within hours of file receipt.

PCI Group processes millions of electronic address change records every month. That’s more than any other document delivery provider. The cost and time savings of our electronic address scrub and change capabilities to our clients are considerable.

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  • NCOALink: Maintained by the USPS, NCOA (National Change of Address) represents all permanent change-of-address records filed over the past 48 months. Updated weekly, we use the NCOA processing on your mailings to reduce undeliverable mail.
  • AEC: Short for Address Element Correction, AEC was developed by the USPS to increase the percentage of mail that is properly addressed. The computerized address correction process uses computer logic to correct common misspellings and other usage errors.

  • Pixie: Pixie is an innovative database developed by PCI Group. Consisting of known bad addresses from a large client pool, Pixie provides additional savings by eliminating bad addresses prior to mailing. What’s more, clients have the option of opting in for free.

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