Transpromotional Direct Mail


Your Brand – Your Message – Your Customer
White Paper In – Your Imagination Out

With PCI Group’s White Paper Factory operating environment, you can amplify your brand, deliver crisp, clear transactional and promotional communications like invoices and statements and also provide full color highly personalized marketing messages so you can upsell and cross-sell your company’s products and services.

In terms of open rates, customer engagement, relevance, and return on investment, transactional promotional mail is extremely effective in targeting customers in a highly personalize way.

Additionally, transactional promotional mail provides the following key benefits:

  • Openability
    More than 95% of transactional promotional mail, like invoices and statements, get opened—far more than any other direct response methods.

  • Engagement
    Bills and statements receive more attention than any other form of communication including television advertisements. As a result, marketing content integrated into these types of emails and documents have a higher conversion rate. The average customer invests between one and three minutes for statement review.

  • Relevance
    75% of consumers say they prefer personalized content and conversely, 74% of consumers are frustrated by irrelevant content. Statement-based marketing enables customized offers to be highly targeted based on individual customer data. It can be personalized according to customer demographics, business drivers and marketing criteria

  • ROI
    Transactional promotional mail is not only cost effective because it combines two types of communication into one, but more importantly it has the ability to generate revenue. Studies show that a 5% increase in current customer business can translate into as much as a 50% increase in bottom-line profits.

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