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Letter DNA Provides Full Insert Integrity and Chain of Control Giving Us 99.9999% Accuracy

Letter DNA offers full insert integrity and chain of custody control from file receipt to letter production inserting.

PCI Group developed LetterDNA as an “End-to-End Full Integrity MailSolution” utilizing 2D barcodes, USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and high speed cameras to track your letters during PCI production to USPS delivery to your consumers’ mailbox.

LetterDNA starts when each client record is assigned a unique sequence number, which will be coded and printed in a 2D barcode and IMB on every letter. Integrity cameras are utilized throughout the production process; first to read each 2D barcode to ensure each letter is folded separately, validating only one letter (or set of letters) are inserted into each outbound envelope. Another camera is utilized to take an image of the inserted envelope. This image is decoded to identify each letters unique sequence number and matched against your daily file to ensure each received record is accounted for and mailed.

Once your letter is injected into the USPS mail stream – PCI’s Pinpoint technology tracks your letter to your consumer’s mailbox utilizing the same unique sequence number.

If a problem is discovered after your consumer receives the mail piece – the letter PDF and envelope PDF are used to validate what occurred. Many times contradicting the consumer’s account and supporting PCI’s LetterDNA process.

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