In transactional print and mail, issue detection that’s real-time and identifiable is a critical factor for accuracy and compliance. Diagnosis of mailing issues should occur at the record level to ensure it’s solvable at the source. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group’s Area VP, Solutions Partner Scott Concannon, discusses why and how the company does this.

“To diagnose a client issue at the record level, we want the ability to triage and investigate. We use three tools and triangulate information to look at the root cause and review the issue,” Scott said.

The three tools PCI Group uses are the MRDF file, cameras, and standard works.

“The MRDF file or mail run data file is an index file. We load that index file into the inserter, and it matches exactly the way the print output is traveling, and we validate right at the package level the number of sheets of paper that are accumulating and folding correctly,” Scott explained.

With the MRDF file, there is access to granular data. The next step is to look at the cameras. “Every PCI facility is under camera with a 360-degree fish eye with zoom capability. The specific timestamp against the package allows us to go to the video to see what happened if there is anything in question,” Scott noted.

PCI Group also uses standard works, which are part of Lean Manufacturing. Scott relayed, “We have 270 standard works with very small steps that we follow to print and insert. It also generates a number of reports post-production that we use to verify reprints.”

With three powerful components, PCI Group can determine what happened and make 

corrections. It’s one more reason why the business has a 99.9999% accuracy rating.

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