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Print and Mail Services for Collection Letters

Collection Letters

Delivery of collection letters to customers is all about establishing a positive relationship to facilitate debt collection.

Through our collection letters print and mail services, PCI Group empowers your team with mission-critical information and robust intelligent workflow solutions, that confirm to strict state and federal regulations managed by your business rules, and complies to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

With trakPCI, you can track your debt collection letters that mail from our facility all the way to the consumer’s door, discover when a remit payment is on its way, monitor your letter volume and return mail records, and so much more.

We operate in a strict same day, 12 hour, 24 hour or 48 hour environment to meet the needs of accounts receivable management, debt collection agencies, and debt collection lawyers.

Compliance with Debt Collection Letters

When outsourcing the print and mailing of debt collection letters, your provider must have a rigid and compliant workflow from start to finish. That must include:

  • Letter designs meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Fulfillment of letters within the needed timeframes.
  • Tracking and documenting the process for audit purposes.
  • Accuracy standards to ensure debtors receive the proper documents.
  • Proper mailing practices that keep confidential information secure.

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