ARM compliant print and digital communications

Compliance is always top of mind for those in the collections and accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) defines permissible print and digital communications. Failure to follow the rules can result in a debtor recovering actual and statutory damages, attorney’s fees, and other costs. For organizations to ensure ARM compliant print and digital communications have the right partner matters. With PCI Group, you can manage both in one system.

ARM Compliant Print and Digital Communications Solutions: Turnkey Services

In a central system, you enjoy a comprehensive list of features that streamlines processes and ensures compliance.

Debt Collection Letters

We offer turnkey services for debt collection letters. That includes letter design with full-color printing. Our modern layouts keep information simple and easy to read. The design will make the most critical information stand out. A better-designed letter can remove any ambiguity and result in better responses.

You also have the option to choose pressure seal collection letters, which reduce costs and improve postal processing. Such a technique also offers confidentiality and security of the communication. We can produce sealed postcards, as well. Certified first-class mail is also available.

We operate in a strict same-day, 12-hour, 24-hour, or 48-hour environment that includes printing and document processing.

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Multi-Channel Communication

debt collection lettersIn addition to debt collection letter mailings, we provide e-delivery capabilities. We use a compliant, encrypted digital platform, so security is never in question. In line with FDCPA compliance, we can send secure emails regarding debt recovery. You also have access to a document storage repository and archive. If consumers make payments in response, you can also send receipts via email.

Now you have print and digital from one platform to manage and monitor. By engaging with debtors in multiple channels, you increase the chance they’ll respond. In adopting our solution, you can reduce overall costs of print and mail, remain compliant, and boost efficiency.

More Mailing Features

For mailings, we want to optimize delivery. To do that, we use address scrubbing technology. PCI Scrub helps locate consumers that move. Before printing any letters, the tool identifies and intercepts inaccurate or incomplete addresses. It’s proprietary and leverages the U.S. Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and Delivery Point Barcode (DPBC).

Using PCI Scrub improves deliverability and reduces waste associated with wrong addresses.

Real-Time Account Management with trakPCI

trakPCI is an online dashboard allowing you to monitor the status of print and mail communications throughout the entire process. It’s secure and web-based, with functionality to track, schedule, and control production jobs. It delivers complete transparency. You can confirm the delivery of debt collection letters with real-time notifications. Such functionality can be very valuable for ARM communications to validate compliance.

Within the platform, you can also request letter changes or add new ones. An archived history of letter changes is visible. Additionally, you can look at your costs related to postage and other expenses. Pull custom reports at any time, as needed.

Compliant, High-Quality, Omnichannel ARM Compliant Print and Digital Communications

While ARM communications must follow very specific rules, you aren’t limited in how you manage these. If your current system, whether internal or external, is too cumbersome, expensive, or disjointed, it’s time to make a change.

As a company focused only on transactional mail, you can rely on our experts to deliver compliant, high-quality, omnichannel solutions. Learn more about our ARM services today.