Secure Document Image Archive and Retrieval

Collection Letters

PCI Vault is our secure online searchable PDF Print Image Archive Solution.

With PCI Vault, you can view PDF versions of your letters online.. The system ensures a high level of security and accessibility in compliance with federal archival standards and legal requirements to provide a centralized and unified archiving repository. It also acts as a safe repository to ensure the durability and legal value of your customer records.

Customers gain access to PCI Vault via our online account management portal, trakPCI to get:

  • Secure PDF and HTML5 (coming soon) document storage

  • Advanced search and data mining

  • 100% document fidelity

  • Centralized system administration

  • Ability to download as a PDF

  • Scalable for redundancy and performance

With PCI Vault, customers gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced physical storage

  • Lower costs

  • Save time with easy access to documents

  • Robust indexing of documentation

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