accounts receivable management compliant print and mail services

The accounts receivable management, or ARM, industry must comply with regulations in communications to consumers. As a result, these companies send high volumes of transactional mail. Those who wish to outsource this function will need accounts receivable management compliant print and mail services.

So, what does that mean exactly? And what should organizations seek when comparing providers?

What Are Complaint Accounts Receivable Management Print and Mail Services?

The ARM industry must follow all practices spelled out in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which provides guidance on print and digital communications. Any failure can result in a debtor’s ability to recover actual and statutory damages, attorney’s fees, and other costs.

Thus, the entire process of debt collection printing and mailing must be “by the book.” There’s no room for error in any part of these workflows. That applies to debt collection notifications in any channel. If these documents do not conform to regulatory requirements, it can be detrimental. So, should you trust a provider with these communications?

It depends on what the provider can deliver in terms of compliance, quality, and accuracy.

Compliance with Debt Collection Letters

When outsourcing the print and mailing of debt collection letters, your provider must have a rigid and compliant workflow from start to finish. That must include:

  • Letter designs meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Fulfillment of letters within the needed timeframes.
  • Tracking and documenting the process for audit purposes.
  • Accuracy standards to ensure debtors receive the proper documents.
  • Proper mailing practices that keep confidential information secure.

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Beyond the compliance measures these letters must meet, you also have the option for letter design with a transactional print and mail provider. As a result, your letters will have a modern layout, use full color, and prioritize critical information to avoid ambiguity.

So, what kind of provider should you trust with this task?

FDCPAARM Compliant Print and Mail Services: What Your Partner Should Offer

There are lots of options for ARM communications. However, not every print and mail company is the same. Some only dabble in transactional print, while others specialize in it. You’ll be in much better hands with the latter.

In comparing options, look for companies that:

  • Meet and exceed compliance standards and have earned certification.
  • Allow real-time management with an online tracking portal to monitor the status of jobs and confirm delivery.
  • Have Lean Manufacturing and other quality measures in place to drive accuracy.
  • Uphold the highest data and physical security protocols.
  • Use advanced technology to ensure insertion integrity.
  • Offer advanced mailing features, such as address scrubbing to ensure letters arrive at the correct address.
  • Provide e-delivery options that are secure and compliant for debtors to receive via email.

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We are a singularly-focused transaction print and mail company and have many years of experience in the ARM industry. Our turnkey services for ARM print, mail, and multi-channel communications meet all compliance thresholds. With technology that drives accuracy and quality, a solution for tracking and confirmation, letter design, and address maintenance capabilities, you’ll find the ARM-compliant provider you need.

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