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In the modern world, efforts for debt collection need an upgrade. By leveraging multi-channel communications, you can improve your debt collection efforts. With an encrypted, certified digital platform, you can remain compliant and gain the advantages of digital mail delivery. Find out how this works so you can recover more for your customers.

What Communication Types Can Boost Debt Collections?

Traditionally, debt collection agencies have relied heavily on call centers. Unfortunately, these practices don’t produce results. Many find them inefficient, prone to human error, and easy for debtors to ignore.

Mailed letters have been a staple of communication, as well. They are still an important channel for debt collectors but need an upgrade in production and delivery.

Digital communications are increasing in popularity because they cost less and don’t require as much human intervention. Email is also trackable, and with the right platform can be compliant and effective.

The ARM Industry Must Follow Rules Regardless of Communication Type

The ARM (Accounts Receivable Management) industry must follow strict rules and regulations regarding how they contact debtors. Using multiple channels doesn’t change these demands. For mailed correspondence, you must follow the best practices for transactional mail. In short, that means that you must be compliant with any applicable standards, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, or FISMA.

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Transactional print and mail can meet these by using advanced technology to ensure that every letter hits the right envelope with the right message. Further, the ability to track these communications from the time you send the data to delivery is critical.

When using e-delivery methods, the standards still apply. Thus, you must use a digital platform that complies with the requirements. So, what does this look like?

increase responses with multi-channel

Standards for Your ARM Digital Correspondence Platform

In selecting a platform, you’ll want it to include these features:

  • Safe and secure environment for sensitive information.
  • Accessibility by the recipient on any device at any time.
  • Electronic notification to recipients.
  • Central online location for secure document storage.
  • Interactive features that allow you to send or receive receipts electronically.

Print and Email Delivery Can Increase Responses

When you can send collection letters in various channels, it can increase responses. Mailed correspondence, even with tracking, doesn’t mean the receiver will open it or take action. Some ARM providers also struggle with keeping up with address changes.

PCI Group can eliminate much of this with address maintenance with DPV (Delivery Point Bar Code), NCOA link, and AEC technology. Plus, users of our system can track the entire journey of the letter via trakPCI. By working with us, you can reduce duplicate mailings and wasted postage.

Supplementing those letters with digital delivery can improve the success of debt collection efforts. That’s because email typically has a higher open rate than mail. While people change physical addresses often, emails remain the same.

Increase Debt Collection Efforts Success by Partnering with PCI Group

We are experts in the industry and serve many ARM clients across the country. As a transactional communications specialist, it’s all we do, so we have the equipment, technology, and processes in place to ensure high deliverability and compliance.

Learn more about our multi-channel communication options today.