Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group, discusses the difference between direct transactional mail and marketing mail.

PCI Group’s Best In Class direct transactional mail services provides highly secure and compliant mail communications for business in ARM/Collections, Healthcare/Insurance, Financial, Utility and Telecom Industries.

The field of direct mail has several subsets, some of which are highly specialized. Direct Transactional mail fits that category. But what is transactional mail? To answer that question, this episode of Ask the Experts features a comprehensive response from Chris Kropac, President and Co-Owner of PCI Group. 

“Transactional mail focuses on highly compliant, secure, and personal information. It has account numbers or a Social Security number,” Chris answered.

Because this type of direct mail has confidential and private information, there’s no room for error. “If something happens and envelopes get mixed up, private information gets breached,” Chris added. 

The intense focus on compliance and accuracy makes transactional direct mail much more critical than traditional direct mail. Chris explained, “For regular direct mail, you’re sending out a marketing message or postcard. So if it gets mixed up, it’s not a big deal because there’s no personal information.”

PCI Group prints and mails a high volume of transactional direct mail from bank statements to medical letters to utility invoices. “If a medical statement is sent to the wrong person, that’s a huge no-no,” Chris acknowledged.

To ensure this doesn’t occur, we used advanced technology like barcodes, sensors, and cameras to ensure that every letter or statement goes into the correct envelope. We protect the information of our client’s customers with the greatest care, which allows us to hold an accuracy rate of 99.9999%.