Companies that print checks have a lot of expenses involved in their production. They also have many security obligations. As a result of these requirements, many choose to outsource check printing. So, what are the benefits that come with this decision? PCI Group Print Manager Eric Weinbrenner answered this question based on his many years of experience in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“If you’re still check printing the way I did it 20 years ago, it’s time for a change. You’ve got pre-printed inventory check stock, and you have to manage multiple versions and control numbers. You have defects in manufacturing and limitations where you can only print so many per hour,” Eric explained.

This old way of printing checks comes with lots of opportunities for errors, a strain on human labor, and a process that’s not efficient. Eric said, “We’ve moved away from this because you have to lock up inventory and reconcile all documents and manage waste.”

There’s a lot of risk in check printing when using outdated processes. “If you have multiple stocks, you risk opening the wrong drawer and a check going out with no background. It’s a disaster if your printer jams,” Eric continued.

All these things add up to high costs and a workflow that’s difficult to master consistently. PCI Group has a different approach to outsourced check printing, which includes advanced technology and standardized processes. As a result, companies that outsource with PCI Group reduce costs, improve accuracy, enable tracking, and mitigate risk.

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