USPS mail tracking

Does your business produce a high volume of sensitive mailings you need to track? If so, you should know some crucial things about USPS mail tracking and transactional mail.

Effective mail and packages tracking supports compliance around these letters that must arrive within a specific timeframe. If you’re managing this internally, it can be extremely costly and time-consuming. So, how can you streamline it and reduce costs?

What Is USPS Mail Tracking?

USPS mail tracking provides end-to-end visibility of mail from its entrance into the stream to delivery. Each letter receives a tracking number, which users can enter on the USPS website. It requires postal workers to scan a barcode as the mail flows through the mail stream.

If you put tracking on all your transactional mail, your staff will need to monitor it manually. While tracking is a great feature, there are better ways to leverage it.

Challenges with Mail Tracking

Businesses that manage their print and mail can face challenges around tracking through USPS. First, there’s the issue of any manual practices required to label mail correctly. Second, actually tracking the mail after it has been sent can be hard to manage if there’s a high volume.

Third, costs for tracking services may balloon your budget. When print and mail isn’t a core competency, monitoring transactional mail can be complex and may not provide the information you really need. Many businesses have discovered that outsourcing this to experts is the best approach.

USPS Tracking with a Transactional Print and Mail Provider

The alternative to administering internal tracking is to partner with a transactional print and mail company. These providers specialize in this process and have developed a more efficient way to use mail tracking. Here’s how it works:

  • Tracking involves using USPS IMb (Intelligent Mail® Barcode), which sorts and tracks mail.
  • End-to-end tracking for every piece of mail with information accessible through a secure platform.
  • Daily processing disclosures are also available.

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You can know precisely when it entered the mail stream and the delivery date and time for each document. You’ll also be able to look at reports for historical records.

The platform we provide for USPS mail tracking is trakPCI. It has even more functionality.

online mail trackingWhat Else Can trakPCI Offer Companies?

trakPCI has many features in addition to tracking. You’ll have a dashboard of options to track, schedule, and control production. Each file has a mailing priority and job number, providing information on each piece.

The solution also adds address hygiene and scrubbing. With these capabilities, you can reduce the amount of undelivered mail and the costs associated with it. Before printing, PCI Scrub identifies and intercepts inaccurate or incomplete addresses. You can achieve maximum accuracy with these deliverability features.

trakPCI also includes certified mail electronic delivery confirmation. If certain letters you send require certification due to compliance or legal reasons, you can access this function. You’ll receive evidence of delivery, legal proof of receipt, and the recipient’s signature digitally. With this option, you can save time and eliminate the manual process you may currently be using.

USPS Tracking Solutions for Transactional Mail

Is your business ready to rethink operations around tracking and transactional mail? It requires advanced processes, technology, and knowledge of mailing requirements. Partnering with us removes all the costly and time-draining tasks. Delivery information is always available and completely transparent.

Learn more about our mail tracking options and how we can simplify your operations.