comparing print and mail providers

Outsourcing transactional print and mail operations is a smart choice for organizations. You can save money, improve accuracy, and worry less about compliance. However, not all print and mail providers offer the same services. So, comparing them is essential; otherwise, you could face compliance penalties and reputational harm.

So, what are the areas that matter? Let’s find out.

Comparing Print and Mail Providers: What to Seek Out to Maintain and Enhance Compliance

In the transactional print and mail sector, every document’s production and submission into the mail stream matters. You can’t accept “good enough” when it comes to accuracy. Rather, you need to be confident that your provider has processes and protocols in place that are reliable and compliant.

So, how do you evaluate companies to find the right match? You’ll want to look at these four key areas.

Accuracy: Every Insert Should Be Precise

When assessing accuracy, the main point is determining how the company ensures that every document gets into the correct envelope. The standard in the industry is 99.6%, which sounds good but is still 4,000 errors per 1,000,000 pieces. In reality, that number falls way below what you should accept.

Accuracy in these mailings is higher when providers use advanced insert equipment along with barcode scanning on each piece of paper. With such things in place, you can work with a partner with a 99.9999% accuracy rating.

Compliance: Every Communication Should Adhere to the Rules

Any print and mail company can say they are compliant, but how do they demonstrate this? Adhering to regulations can be complex, especially for highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare. Many vendors simply meet the minimum around these rules, and that’s just not good enough. Any blunder in the compliance area can cost you time, money, and credibility.

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In evaluating print and mail providers regarding compliance, look for certifications relating to:

  • HIPAA Compliant Certification
  • SOCI & II
  • State data breach notification laws

Beyond that, there’s more to compliance. The most compliant print and mail companies have a full-time Compliance Officer whose only job is to monitor and manage regulations and protocols. Additionally, they need to have advanced security practices that keep your data secure when in rest or transit. Their entire operations should be compliance-focused to keep the risk of breaches low.

quality print and mailQuality: Providers That Apply Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Rise Above

Another component to consider is quality. It contributes to both accuracy and compliance. Providers that apply the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma provide an advantage for you in these areas. A culture that integrates these things is improving continuously, removing waste, standardizing workflows, and conducting audits to identify gaps.

These organizations have seamless, repeatable operations without deviation. As a result, this strengthens accuracy and compliance.

Technology: Efficiency, Security, and More

The last area to consider when comparing print and mail providers is the technology they use. It’s a critical element of accuracy, compliance, and quality. Sophisticated technology drives efficiency while also enhancing these things. So, what kind of technology is essential?

High-speed inkjet printers and advanced inserters that use barcode scanning are essential. They are part of a bigger practice called a White Paper Factory (WPF). A WPF solution starts with rolls of white paper fed into the printer, creating documents and envelopes. There’s less waste and no need for pre-printed forms. It’s the ideal convergence of digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion.

Another area of technology that delivers real-time information has an online portal you can access. Such a platform allows you to track every letter from production to delivery. It’s extra validation and proof that you’ve met all compliance requirements.

Print and Mail Providers: The Choice Is Clear with PCI Group

Selecting the right partner in print and mail impacts your ability to remain compliant. After comparing options, you’ll find that PCI Group checks every box. Compliance is in our DNA and all that we do. Contact us today to learn more about our services.