Reduce Mail and Envelope Print Paper Costs by Standardizing Envelopes

Paper is a key building block of print and mail operations. Using the right paper materials in today’s highly specialized, ink jet printing process, is essential to delivering highly reliable print and mail outcomes.. As a result of supply chain issues, the pandemic, and other factors, paper costs have been rising since 2020 and [...]

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What Are Print Management Services, and Should You Use Them?

While we live in the digital age, printing is still necessary for any business. It can be a costly one, especially if you produce and mail a large volume of documents and letters to customers. Due to its nature, you have to worry about security, accuracy, and compliance. As a result, processes are complex, [...]

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4 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Managing your printing is literally a full-time job, (in fact it may be many employee’s full-time job) but it’s unlikely it’s a core competency for your business. If you continue to handle all printing and mailing through an in-plant, you’ve likely experienced increased costs, supply change woes, and may not be managing the risk [...]

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Will Rising Paper Costs Impact Your In-Plant Budget?

Paper is one of the essential resources that most businesses need. It’s easy to take it for granted, but the last few years have presented volatility in the commercial paper industry. When a product lags in production and becomes scarce, costs go up. As a result, budgets have to adjust, which means other things [...]

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What Are Managed Print Services, and Why Should Your Business Consider Them?

Printing is an essential function for most companies. The way they choose to approach it is different. Many factors affect how you print and the many requirements associated with it, especially in the transactional print category. Since printing isn’t your business' core competency, you may face quality, accuracy, compliance, security, and cost challenges. It [...]

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How Does Lean Manufacturing Impact Accuracy in Transactional Print and Mail?

Lean Manufacturing helps companies drive toward greater efficiency and productivity while reducing waste. It’s an essential strategy for manufacturers that decreases operational costs and improves quality. One of the areas that it supports is accuracy. Lean manufacturing accuracy is critical for transactional print and mail. That’s why PCI Group adopted it. What Is Lean [...]

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Why a Transactional Mail Company Should Produce Your Insurance Plan Communications

Insurance plan communications can easily cost companies millions of dollars each year. The sheer volume of production is substantial, even as some consumers switch to digital-only. These documents also have personal information, so safeguarding it is another added cost to the operation. Many insurance companies believe that keeping this in-house is the only way [...]

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Comparing Transactional Mail Providers: 9 Questions to Ask

Transactional mail is a unique subset of communications. It encompasses mailings that must comply with regulations because it contains personal information, such as a Social Security or account number. With this mail type, letters must always be secure and accurate. For any business considering outsourcing this function, comparing transactional print and mail providers is [...]

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Insurance Print and Mail Services: 6 Reasons to Outsource

Insurance companies must send lots of communications to subscribers. Those documents include personal and confidential information, which means strict adherence to regulations. Because of the regulatory environment, many insurance organizations lean toward producing these communications in-house, thinking they’re better protected and more in control. Frequently, that’s a misconception. Using an expert transactional print and [...]

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Cut Costs in 2022 with Mailing Services for Business

While we live in a digital world, companies still print and mail a large volume of statements, invoices, and other documents. It’s a complex operational process that’s also expensive. As organizations look for ways to cut costs, mailing services for business is a leading way to do so. Find out how in this post. [...]

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