How much cost savings can in-plants achieve by transitioning print and mail to PCI Group?

One of the key reasons that businesses choose to transition from an in-plant to outsourcing is cost savings. The amount of capital needed to maintain and run these operations is becoming cost prohibitive. Even if volume declines, companies don’t see savings here, as the cost per piece actually increases. Outsourcing eliminates a lot [...]

What are the best practices for In-Plant operations transitioning work to PCI Group?

Transitioning from in-plant operations to outsourcing for print and mail can be challenging if the provider has little experience. PCI Group has successfully facilitated many of these projects through careful planning and development of best practices. In this episode of Ask the Experts, President and Owner Chris Kropac explained how the company [...]

What are the challenges of transitioning In-Plant operations to an outsource provider?

Many companies in various industries still run in-plant operations related to their transactional print and mail. As a result, they have capital and operating expenses associated with production. Rising material, labor, and technology costs are making it cost prohibitive. To ease these burdens, organizations are transitioning from the in-plant model to outsourcing. [...]

What Are Statement Printing Services?

Is it time to rethink your printing and mailing processes? Statement printing can be expensive and hard to manage, yet it’s critical to facilitate customer communications. You have compliance, accuracy, and quality considerations, which can all improve with statement printing services. By outsourcing these functions to professionals, you can save money and time while improving [...]

Comparing Print and Mail Providers Compliance: Invest in Compliance Now or Risk Penalties Later

Outsourcing transactional print and mail operations is a smart choice for organizations. You can save money, improve accuracy, and worry less about compliance. However, not all print and mail providers offer the same services. So, comparing them is essential; otherwise, you could face compliance penalties and reputational harm. So, what are the areas that [...]

2023 Paper Costs Preview: What to Expect and How to Save Money on Print and Mail

Have you been watching the volatility of paper costs? While it’s a fundamental resource, it’s also one that’s availability has been contentious. With high demand and low supply, prices increase. As a result, you may have seen budgets for paper rise in 2022, especially around print and mail operations. To prepare you for what’s ahead, [...]

Statement Printing and Mailing Services: 5 Reasons to Outsource in 2023

As you consider ways to drive efficiency and reduce costs in 2023, you’ll likely be assessing components that aren’t core competencies. One of the most expensive and time-consuming of these is managing an in-plant for transactional mailings. These specialized communications require streamlining, compliance, and accuracy. They come with capital and operating expenditures and only seem [...]

What’s the Total Cost of Ownership of Your In-Plant Printing? It’s More than You Think!

For organizations still operating their own in-plant printing and transactional mail center, costs are rising. As you develop your budget for the year ahead, are you considering all the expenses? The total cost of ownership for your in-plant printing is likely much more than you think. As a result, it’s an excellent time to [...]

Reduce Mail and Envelope Print Paper Costs by Standardizing Envelopes

Paper is a key building block of print and mail operations. Using the right paper materials in today’s highly specialized, ink jet printing process, is essential to delivering highly reliable print and mail outcomes.. As a result of supply chain issues, the pandemic, and other factors, paper costs have been rising since 2020 and [...]

Print Management Services Benefits

While we live in the digital age, printing is still necessary for any business. It can be a costly one, especially if you produce and mail a large volume of documents and letters to customers. Due to its nature, you have to worry about security, accuracy, and compliance. As a result, processes are complex, [...]