Data Security

2022 Cybersecurity Risks: What to Know About Data Security and Your Vendors

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic for any business. The threats are even greater for those who collect, store, share, and manage personal and confidential information. However, you still have to share that data with vendors that provide services for you. Unfortunately, they are often the weak link and the cause of breaches or [...]

The Latest Data Hacks and Lessons Learned

Data hacks have become a constant threat for any company. Some industries are more prone to them than others. However, if you have data, especially if it’s sensitive and confidential, then you deal with these risks. It’s not only your data security protocols that matter. If you share your data with third parties, you [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Data Security for Your Print and Mail Communications

Data security and privacy are a priority for any organization. Those in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance have even more concerns due to compliance mandates. Protecting your data is about your internal processes and how you share and provide it to third parties. To improve data security and privacy in all aspects, [...]

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