Chris Kropac, President of PCI Group discusses all of the components necessary to protect client data during the transactional mail process.

Businesses choose PCI Group because we have established rigid protocols and surpassed industry standards to protect their sensitive information.

Transactional mailers have an obligation to protect client data. There are regulations to follow regarding sensitive and private information in transactional mail. PCI Group clients rely on us to have advanced technology and cybersecurity protocols in place for secure data exchange. Find out how we do this in this episode of Ask the Experts, featuring President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac. 

The ecosystem of data security is end-to-end in our operations. Chris explained, “It starts with the ingestion of files, which are transferred in an encrypted format sent through SFTP. When it comes to us, we bring it into our system and encrypt it again and while it’s at rest. That means that unless the record is processing, it sits on our servers encrypted.”

Our commitment to data security is uncommon because we only produce transactional mail. That’s a different approach than some printers. “For those that do direct mail and transactional, you can walk into a facility and see a cage. Since it’s 100% what we do, you won’t see that. Our building is the cage,” Chris said.

In the modern world, data security encompasses all types of security. “We have physical security with key access and cameras everywhere. Every process is monitored 24-7. If anything happens in the mail stream, we can go back to see what was logged and look at the cameras to understand what happened,” Chris commented.

Our focus on data security is no accident. As Chris noted, “In the transactional world, it’s a mindset. It’s hard to do a little bit of everything, which is why we only do one.”