HIPAA Compliant Email Services?

When communicating with patients, healthcare organizations must always abide by the rules and regulations set forth in HIPAA. What you must do to ensure this applies to both print and mail as well as email. HIPAA compliant email services must be in use. Otherwise, you could face violations. So, what makes an email service HIPAA [...]

Are You Confident in the Accuracy of Your Transactional Print Communications? Learn Best Practices from Experts

Can you ever be 100% accurate in all your transactional print communications? Perfection is hard to achieve and sustain, considering all the many variables in play. However, the commitment to improving accuracy is always an objective regarding letters with compliance and security requirements. The question is—how confident are you in this metric? Whether you [...]

What’s the difference between HIPAA and HITRUST certification?

In healthcare transactional print and mail, the processes to produce them must align with compliance regulations. While most organizations have HIPAA certification, not all also have HITRUST. So, what are the differences between HIPAA and HITRUST certification? In this episode of Ask the Experts, Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe provided [...]

What should customers know about HIPPA printed communications?

For any healthcare organization that sends HIPAA-printed communications, there are regulations and considerations in how to produce them. The information in these documents is PHI (protected health information), so the data must be secure and kept confidential. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe spoke [...]

What benefits can customers expect to receive from working with a HIPAA-compliant printer?

For healthcare organizations, compliance with HIPAA is imperative in protecting data and avoiding fines. When these companies work with partners like a transactional print and mail company, they should only contract with a HIPAA-compliant printer. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe defined the benefits [...]

Is Your Print and Mail Provider Meeting SLAs? Here’s Why It Matters

SLAs (service level agreements) are critical in transactional print and mail. If your provider isn’t meeting SLAs, it puts you at risk regarding compliance and other negative impacts, such as longer times for customers to remit payments or take necessary actions. Meeting SLAs matters considerably in your operations, but it’s more than just checking off [...]

4 Benefits of Outsourcing HIPAA Letters for Healthcare Payers

As a healthcare payer, you generate many communications for your members. This constant need to inform and disclose has become even more complicated, and all HIPAA letters must follow strict regulations and guidelines. It can become overwhelming and expensive, which has prompted the industry to outsource these print and mail documents. If your organization [...]

Patient Statement Services

Healthcare organizations must comply with many compliance regulations regarding confidential communications. You can’t send patients a bill without meeting guideline criteria to keep the information in the statement private. Because of the expense and complexity, some organizations outsource patient statement services. Doing so can save you money and time while also ensuring compliance. If you’ve [...]

HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication Made Easy

For any healthcare industry business, you have many regulations to consider in operations. One of the most critical is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It provides the framework of standards for collecting, using, and sharing PHI (protected health information). Failure to do so can lead to fines, reputational harm, and other breaches-related [...]

HIPAA Compliant Mail Service

HIPAA mail regulations dictate how healthcare organizations—insurers, providers, and related businesses—send communications. HIPAA mailing and postal mail rules clearly define the protocols you and your transactional mail provider must follow. There’s no room for error or noncompliance.So, what are the rules you need to know about for HIPAA compliant mail?HIPAA Compliant Mail Service and Postal [...]

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