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Managed Print Services Saves You Money

In any type of print outsourcing, you can face risks and opportunities for improvement. In the compliance-focused world of transactional print and mail, you must be confident in the provider’s ability to be accurate, reliable, compliant, and secure. Can managed print services cover all that? The right provider will minimize risk while improving quality. [...]

Secure Processing of Your Data Print and Mail

Data security for businesses has never been more critical. Any breach of data can result in financial and reputational harm. Whether your data is within your network or shared with third parties, its safety and protection are paramount. If you’re considering moving to an outsourcing model for transactional print and mail, secure processing of your [...]

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What Are Printing Costs of Your In-Plant?

In-house printing costs for transactional communications increase every year. As volume decreases, your expenses don’t. But do you know the real cost you’re paying to keep your in-plant running? Budget lines may not always uncover every dollar you spend on these operations. A careful review of this can lead you to assess if outsourcing [...]

Print Outsourcing – Debunking The Myths

Outsourcing has always been a business decision based on letting experts handle things that aren’t core competencies. It comes with other benefits, such as reduced costs and a better product. Print outsourcing can be very advantageous compared to running your own in-plant for transactional communications. However, there are misconceptions about print outsourcing. In this post, [...]

HIPAA Compliant Email Services?

When communicating with patients, healthcare organizations must always abide by the rules and regulations set forth in HIPAA. What you must do to ensure this applies to both print and mail as well as email. HIPAA compliant email services must be in use. Otherwise, you could face violations. So, what makes an email service HIPAA [...]

Transactional Printing Costs

How confident are you in your disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans? Planned and unplanned downtime can disrupt operations in transactional print and mail. Since most of these are time-sensitive communications, you could face compliance violations or impacts to cash flow. Is there a better way to manage transactional printing costs associated [...]

Transactional Print SLAs – What Technology Investments Are Necessary?

When you choose to outsource transactional print and mail, one of the most critical aspects of the deal is meeting your service-level agreements (SLAs). These types of letters must adhere to compliance and internal timelines. Failing to meet transactional print SLAs should be a sign to find a new vendor. It demonstrates that they [...]

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Automated Mail Services in Transactional Print and Mail

In the age of advanced technology, automation has become a critical component for achieving efficiency and accuracy. Adopting automation in transactional print and mail is prevalent, but not all providers have the same parameters or capabilities. So, what automated mail services are essential in these communications? Find out how automated mail services have evolved [...]

Secure Email Delivery for Transactional Communications

Many consumers want to simplify how they receive and remit invoices, statements, and bills. A survey on digital bill pay determined that 85% of people are using it. These communications fall under the category of transactional. That means they contain PII (personally identifiable information) or PHI (protected health information). As a result, using email [...]

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SECURE IT – Transactional Mail Data Processing

In transactional print and mail, every workflow involving PII (personally identifiable information) or PHI (protected health information) must be secure and compliant. The first step is the transfer of data from your records to your vendor’s system. When considering a company to outsource transactional print and mail, you need to know what safeguards are in [...]

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