Farm Bureau insurance printingPrint and mail operations for Farm Bureau insurance companies contain protected information. Communications about policies, claims, renewals, billing statements, and more contain PII (personally identifiable information). As a result, your operations must be compliant, accurate, and high quality. It’s costly and difficult to manage this in-house, which is why many are transitioning to Farm Bureau insurance printing outsourcing.

What are the steps to make this change, and how can it benefit you? Let’s find out.

Why Should You Outsource Farm Bureau Insurance Printing?

Even in the digital age, many of your members still opt for printed and mailed documents. It’s a considerable strain on your organization in terms of costs, labor, and space. It only becomes more expensive and complicated, and it’s not your core competency.

The motivations behind outsourcing usually begin with cost savings, but there are many other reasons why you should let a professional transactional printer by your partner.

  • Cost savings: The expenses for equipment, technology, labor, overhead, and compliance disappear from your balance sheet. You’re only left with an operating expense.
  • Better postage rates: Even at your high volume, you still can’t secure the best rates like a commercial printer. They use postage optimization strategies, including automation, presorting, commingling, and using the USPS IMb (Intelligent Mail Barcode).
  • Improved accuracy: Sophisticated equipment and technology are necessary to eliminate errors. Experts in the space have enhanced this process. They leverage strategies like Lean Manufacturing, high-speed and integrity cameras, 2D barcode scanning of every document, and advanced insertion capabilities.
  • Optimized quality: With a professional printer, you can be confident that every document is high-quality. When you choose a Lean partner, your jobs will be in a quality assurance model that follows standard works and audits them regularly.
  • Exceptional compliance: Transactional print and companies only produce mailings that have PII. As a result, they have dedicated compliance resources and rigorous standards. They also have a wide range of compliance certifications.
  • Robust data security: In accordance with accuracy, quality, and compliance, the technology infrastructure of an outsourcing expert goes beyond the minimum requirements. They have a system of checks and balances to prevent breaches, both with heightened data and physical security.

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If you are looking to streamline your print and mailing operations, partner with PCI Group to save! Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your current setup and cost of ownership, then present you with options to help optimize efficiency and reduce your current expenses.

In-House to Outsourcing Farm Bureau Insurance Printing

in-house to outsourcing farm bureau insurance printingMigrating work to a professional print company involves several phases relating to implementation, improved workflows, testing, and onboarding. You’ll be able to transition all your current print jobs with a documented plan.

As we’ve been in this position many times, we use a Lean Manufacturing process. The first step is a current assessment of your production and operations, looking for ways to improve efficiency and remove waste.

This evaluation defines the scope of the project, the recommended changes, and who the stakeholders are. We map out the future state with you when creating this project plan. It highlights milestones, timelines, and task owners.

Once the strategy is complete, we put it in motion with testing and auditing. This phase involves the Quality and Implementation teams. Once the tests are sufficient, it’s time to move projects into go live. Monitoring continues, and you have access to dedicated customer service specialists.

Since we have so much experience, we streamline the transition. You’re always in the loop, as well. You’ll have access to real-time information about all areas of production, from data receipt to tracking pieces in the mail stream, with trakPCI. It’s an online secure document management system that provides transparency across all your jobs.

Ready to Transition your Farm Bureau Insurance Printing with PCI Group?

Your customer communications printing doesn’t have to be a pain point for your organization. By moving to outsourcing, you gain so many advantages, from cost savings to improved

compliance. The process of migrating can be easy and seamless when working with experts like us. Learn more about Farm Bureau insurance printing.

Now that you know what you can gain, here’s how to transition to Farm Bureau insurance printing outsourcing.

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