You Asked; We Answered: 7 FAQs to Review When Outsourcing Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Mail

When making big decisions about changing processes and moving to outsourcing activities, companies have lots of questions to ponder. We work with many businesses that move from an in-house to an outsourced model for transactional print and mail. In this FAQ block, we’ll cover those to ask when considering it for property and casualty [...]

Business Printing Services: You Can Outsource P&C Insurance Statements

As a highly regulated industry with requirements for regulated communications, you face many challenges in printing and mailing statements. P&C insurance documents are essential for your customers, but you don’t have to do this in-house. Business printing services from a transaction print company are a secure, cost-effective, and highly accurate solution. Why Outsourcing Makes Sense [...]

Why a Transactional Mail Company Should Produce Your Insurance Plan Communications

Insurance plan communications can easily cost companies millions of dollars each year. The sheer volume of production is substantial, even as some consumers switch to digital-only. These documents also have personal information, so safeguarding it is another added cost to the operation. Many insurance companies believe that keeping this in-house is the only way [...]

What Kind of Patient Communications Can You Outsource?

The healthcare industry generates a lot of letters, statements, and other documents for patients. As they contain personal information, all communications must comply with HIPAA and other regulations. Organizations have the option to outsource patient communications to a transactional print and mail company. Before you make any decisions, you’ll want to know what you [...]

Insurance Print and Mail Services: 6 Reasons to Outsource

Insurance companies must send lots of communications to subscribers. Those documents include personal and confidential information, which means strict adherence to regulations. Because of the regulatory environment, many insurance organizations lean toward producing these communications in-house, thinking they’re better protected and more in control. Frequently, that’s a misconception. Using an expert transactional print and [...]

How to Upsell and Cross-Sell Insurance Products on Monthly Statements

Did you know that your policy holder communications can be a critical area for cross-selling and upselling? When you use dynamic printing capabilities, you can sell additional insurance products on the communications you’re already sending to customers. With this approach, you’ll save money and elicit better responses. Keep reading to find out how. Dynamic [...]