Transactional Mail Printing: Save Money

In the world of direct mail, there are many categories. Most are promotional and have a simple workflow with little oversight required. Transactional mail printing and mailing services are unique and more complex. This is due to the nature of the communication in that it contains sensitive or protected information. Any company can choose [...]

Auto Insurance Statement Printing: 6 Things to Know

Auto insurance companies produce lots of documents for their customers. While many consumers have transitioned to digital communications, there’s still a large segment of policy holders that receives this information in the mail. Managing this can be expensive and cumbersome. Many auto insurers choose to outsource statement printing services. By doing so, many benefits [...]

How to Transition from In-House Printing

Is it time to finally wind down your print and mail operations for compliance-related communications? The costs are staggering, and the regulations grow more complex. In the past few years, the trend has been to transition from in-house printing. Most organizations found it unsustainable to keep their in-plant. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not [...]

An FAQ Discussion on Outsource Printing: Your Questions Answered

Many business decisions require due diligence and asking lots of questions. In the case of outsource printing of transactional communications, the list can be long and specific. You should certainly be investigating all the facets of migrating to an outsource model and how that will impact operations, compliance, security, accuracy, quality, and costs. Because [...]

Print and Mail Solutions for Protected Customer Communications

Any customer communication that includes protected information comes with a litany of compliance requirements. Any document with PII (personally identifiable information) or PHI (protected health information) falls into this category. As they are unique, you’ll need specific print and mail solutions to remain compliant. There are significant opportunities to improve accuracy, quality, and compliance [...]

The Most Important FAQs about Outsourcing Transactional Printing to Put on Your Checklist

The complexities and resources required to print and mail transactional documents can strain organizations considerably. These mailings are different from promotional ones, as they contain personal or protected data. As a result, outsourcing transactional printing can alleviate this and provide many benefits. However, transitioning from production in-house to a partner requires a lot of [...]

In-House Printing vs. Outsource Printing for Transactional Mail: Pros and Cons

Any business that sends statements and documents to addressees, including personal or confidential information, has two choices. A company can handle this in-house or outsource it. In comparing in-house printing vs. outsource printing, each has pros and cons. Evaluating each option will reveal which is the best for your organization in terms of costs, accuracy, [...]

FAQs Heard from the Financial Industry on Outsourcing Compliant Print and Mail

The financial industry must deliver lots of customer communications containing sensitive information. As a result, this type of mail is transactional and subject to regulatory requirements. Many organizations no longer want to manage these expensive and tedious processes. More are considering outsourcing compliant print and mail. As with any change that impacts compliance, there are [...]

Print and Mail Services for Business: Transition from In-House Printing

Printing and mailing customer communications can be an expensive, time-consuming part of operations. When these are transactional in nature and contain sensitive information, the process becomes more complex. For those still running an in-house production, you should consider print and mail services for business. By transitioning, you’ll achieve many benefits relating to costs, accuracy, compliance, [...]

5 Reasons to Let Professionals Handle Your Auto Insurance Customer Communications

Auto finance companies create and send many documents to their customers. Many of these are in the category of transactional print and mail because they contain confidential and sensitive information. For those auto insurance customer communications, there are more stringent requirements around compliance and security. It can be overwhelming for companies that still handle these [...]