The Ultimate Guide to USPS Services and Transactional Print and Mail

For businesses that produce transactional print and mail, many components make up the entire workflow. After printing, inserting, and sealing, the mail stream is the next stop. In most cases, these communications use USPS services. Depending on the type of letters, regulatory requirements on delivery, and other factors, the type of USPS mailing will [...]

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How to Reduce Postage Costs with Optimization Strategies

If you print and mail documents to customers, including statements, invoices, and any other communication, postage is a big part of the budget. It’s an expense that’s hard to decrease, especially since postage routinely increases. In a time when you’re looking for ways to save money in operations, you can reduce postage costs with [...]

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What Businesses Need to Know About USPS Mail Tracking and Transactional Mail

Does your business produce a high volume of sensitive mailings you need to track? If so, you should know some crucial things about USPS mail tracking and transactional mail. Effective mail and packages tracking supports compliance around these letters that must arrive within a specific timeframe. If you’re managing this internally, it can be extremely [...]

Important USPS Postage Updates for 2023

The United States Postal Service recently announced new prices for 2023 for market-dominant mail products. These USPS postage updates will be effective on January 23, 2023. The USPS Board of Governors has approved the changes. Some of the highlights include raising First Class Mail prices. Let’s break down all the new rates and their [...]

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USPS Certified Mail Options for Transactional Mail

In the transactional mail world, knowing that delivery occurred is critical. These mailings are mission-critical and can include a variety of documents that must reach addressees. In some cases, to confirm delivery, you’ll need to use USPS Certified Mail. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of certified mail and details on using it [...]

Postage Changes 2022: Reduce Postage Costs with Postal Mailing Optimization Tips

An increase in postage costs can impact any business. It’s also something you have little control over. For industries with a high volume of transactional mail, any rise, no matter how small, will inflate your budget. We’re breaking down postage changes for 2022 and beyond to provide insight into this topic. Postage Rate Changes [...]

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USPS Announces First-Class Mail and Periodicals Service Standard Changes

On October 1, the Postal Service will implement new service standards for First-Class Mail and Periodicals which will increase delivery reliability, consistency, and efficiency for our customers and across our network. USPS states that this will make better use of trucks and existing surface network to move the mail, relying less on costly air [...]

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U.S. Postal Service Announces New Market Dominant Price Adjustment Schedule

Today the US Postal Service announced it will raise rates for Market Dominant services. To help customers better prepare for the new Market Dominant price adjustment schedule, the US Postal Service will NOT raise prices on Market Dominant products in January 2022 but will schedule the next market Dominant priced adjustment in July 2022. [...]

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U.S. Postal Service Proceeds with Rate Change Request

As part of “Delivering for America,” its 10-year plan to achieve financial sustainability and service excellence, the United States Postal Service filed notice today with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) proposing price changes to take effect Aug. 29, 2021 that are in accordance with the rules recently established by PRC last year. The proposed price [...]

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The United States Postal Service announced its 10 Year Plan – Delivering For America

The United States Postal Service announced its 10-Year Plan to achieve financial sustainability and service excellence last week. We know how important the services USPS provides to your business and ours, so we are publishing this communication to keep you informed. Listed below are highlights of USPS’s plan. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ‘DELIVERING FOR AMERICA’ [...]

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