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Transactional print and mail represent communications that have regulatory rules attached to them. Most of the time, these documents must arrive on time, and you need confirmation of their delivery. In some cases, you’ll need to send certified mail via USPS.

So, when should you use this type of mailing service? And how can you ensure you’re following compliance rules?

What Is Certified Mail?

Certified mail describes a USPS postal service wherein the sender receives a certificate based on the package moving through the mail stream. You can receive notifications that the letter was mailed, the recipient accepted it by signature, or that the carrier attempted delivery.

Senders once received the certificate back through the mail, but now most of this tracking occurs electronically.

What Is Certified Mail Electronic Delivery Confirmation?

Proof of mailing and delivery accompany any certified mail. The service provides electronic verification via email upon delivery. USPS keeps the proof of delivery with the signature of the recipient for two years from the date of mailing.

To receive a PDF of the delivery confirmation, companies must have the electronic return receipt (ERR) as part of the process. The following information is on this return receipt:

  • Recipient signature
  • Delivery address (including if different from the original one)
  • Date of delivery

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When Should You Send Certified Mail in Transactional Communications?

The recommendations of when to send certified mail vary, as each business that produces transactional letters has different rules to abide by.

Typically, the need to send certified mail falls into two categories—legal processes and delivery timeframe.

certified mail and delivery timeframesCertified Mail Usage for Verification

In some transactional print and mail, you’ll need proof of delivery for legal purposes. You need verifiable evidence that the addressee received the communication. Examples of this use case include:

  • Collection letters
  • Check mailings
  • Final notices

Certified Mail and Delivery Timeframes

The second reason you may need to send certified mail is to meet delivery timeframe rules. Many types of transactional print and mail have these requirements, including collection letters and healthcare communications like advanced EOBs (explanation of benefits) under the No Surprises Act.

Other time-sensitive documents could include final notices from utility companies to customers. Certified mail would benefit any other urgent letters with a delivery timeframe as well.

Certified Mail In-House vs. Outsourcing

Companies can manage their own certified mailings. Depending on the volume, it could only account for a small percentage of letters. However, some industries maintain a high count of certified mail. In these situations, outsourcing to a transactional print and mail expert enables the automation of these tasks.

Our workflow for certified mail is highly automated and optimized. Each envelope has the proof of mailing manifest, in-route letter tracking, and final ERR for confirmation. There are no forms or stickers, as you’d need if handling certified mail in-house.

Our online portal, trakPCI, allows you to monitor all certified mail from the moment of creation to delivery. It’s also real-time data.

It’s a fast, accurate, cost-effective way to send certified mail. You can also realize more benefits with our services, such as:

  • Sending to P.O. boxes if that’s the only address on record
  • Automation generation of records for archives to use in legal proceedings or compliance audits
  • Improved accuracy through the use of advanced technology and processes (our accuracy rating is industry-leading at 99.9999%.)
  • Lower costs due to the high volume of mailings we produce
  • Less risk of downtime due to redundant facilities and security measures

Send Certified Mail with Confidence with PCI Group

Moving to an outsourced model for certified mail and all letters within the transactional realm makes financial and operational sense. Your mailings will be accurate, reliable, and secure by partnering with our experts.

We can facilitate any special handling of packages to ensure you maintain and exceed compliance requirements. Learn more about our services today.