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Can you ever be 100% accurate in all your transactional print communications? Perfection is hard to achieve and sustain, considering all the many variables in play. However, the commitment to improving accuracy is always an objective regarding letters with compliance and security requirements.

The question is—how confident are you in this metric? Whether you currently handle this in-house or outsource, it’s time for you to assess accuracy, and our experts have advice for you.

Why Does Accuracy Matter?

In transactional print communications, these documents contain private and confidential information, from account numbers to Social Security numbers to PHI (protected health information). If there’s a mis-mailing, and another customer receives information not intended for them, there could be exposure in terms of a breach of data and reputational harm. Would people continue to trust you if their private documents were in the hands of others?

Thus, to remain compliant and trustworthy, accuracy is critical. So, what are the best practices that ensure accuracy?

Best Practices to Improve Accuracy in Transactional Print and Mail

transactional print best practices

As a transactional print and mail company, we solely focus on these types of communications, producing billions of pages every year for customers in the financial, healthcare, insurance, utility, telecom, and ARM (accounts receivable management) industries. For decades, we’ve honed our processes and workflows by introducing advanced technology and equipment and principles like Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. As a result of these efforts, we have an industry-leading accuracy rate of 99.9999%. Here’s how we do it.

Accuracy Frameworks Must Involve Technology, Process, and Approach

The technology piece uses intelligent insertion via 2D barcodes, the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), and high-speed cameras to track documents from production to delivery. Integrity cameras also read each 2D barcode to ensure each piece of paper folds into the envelope. Another camera takes a picture of the inserted envelope to verify accurate insertion.

The process is the White Paper Factory (WPF). In this production method, all letters print at once dynamically. It marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion to create secure, accurate variable data-generated communications. This process eliminates changeovers and removes human error from the equation.

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The approach part aligns with Lean Manufacturing. Lean guides users to create standard works for each workflow, breaking down all tasks. Our operators are the authors of these, and it ensures that quality is baked into the process, and there’s no deviation across locations or shifts.

Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Asking Questions About Accuracy Is Critical When Evaluating Providers

You always want to determine precisely how a print and mail company optimizes accuracy. There are many key questions to ask in your assessment relating to their processes and workflows.

Accuracy must be part of a company’s pillars if you’re going to be confident in outsourcing your print and mail to them. For the questions to ask, check out this episode of Ask the Experts.

Accuracy and Compliance Must Go Hand-in-Hand

You can’t be compliant without being accurate. The two things are inseparable in transactional mail. Thus, a business’ approach to accuracy must consider all compliance obligations and requirements. When you work with a company that only produces transactional mail, these two aspects are part of the same pillar.

Be Confident in Transactional Print Communications Accuracy with PCI Group

All the things that contribute to accuracy are part of the foundation of our operations. We strive to improve and ensure our clients don’t have to worry about mis-mailings and errors. We’ve developed our accuracy strategy with technology, processes, and approach, so our clients can be confident.

Learn more about our commitment to accuracy by contacting our team today for a discovery call.

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