For any healthcare organization that sends HIPAA-printed communications, there are regulations and considerations in how to produce them. The information in these documents is PHI (protected health information), so the data must be secure and kept confidential.

In this episode of Ask the Experts, Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe spoke about what customers should know about HIPAA-printed communications

“HIPAA communications are from healthcare providers to their end customers that contain personal information about them and their healthcare situation. That could be anything from prescriptions to treatments to insurance claims. All these bits of information are protected by HIPAA.”

As a result of the nature of these communications, those printing and mailing them must be HIPAA compliant with protocols and procedures in place. “It’s imperative that we guard the information and secure it so there are no unintentional breaches. They can have significant financial repercussions for the provider and any company involved in the delivery,” Dwight said.

PCI Group takes compliance and security seriously. Dwight explained, “Our auditors evaluate our security policies based upon the regulations and our adherence to them.”

As an organization that serves many in the healthcare industry, PCI Group goes beyond the guidelines of HIPAA and has also earned HITRUST certification. Learn more about HIPAA-printed communications by watching the video.

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