Cybersecurity risks are a threat to any organization. The risks of hacking and cyber-attacks are growing and can change quickly in such a dynamic environment. So, what are the most urgent risks for 2023? Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe shared his list in this episode of Ask the Experts.

“The cybersecurity risks for 2023 are numerous. You’ve got malware, phishing, and a lot of bad players trying to get into your network. The biggest one in today’s environment is the infiltration of malware, and the malware can be anything from ransomware being delivered where your company’s assets and data are encrypted. They are looking for you to pay to get access to that, or even worse, they’re going to your customers and demanding ransoms,” Dwight explained.

Dwight further described how ransomware works. “It’s typically through email with phishing or spear phishing. It can be random but is most likely targeted as hackers try to convince others that high profile members of your executive staff and HR need help.”

Because humans are the means for hackers to breach a network, Dwight noted that’s the reason that training employees about cybersecurity is so valuable as a proactive strategy. “Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities and questions what they’re getting. Would your CEO ask you to buy some gift cards?”

Being vigilant about ransomware is critical to securing data, so it should be on everyone’s radar as a cybersecurity risk in 2023.

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