Reduce Mail and Envelope Print Paper Costs by Standardizing Envelopes

paper costs and envelope standardization

Paper is a key building block of print and mail operations. Using the right paper materials in today’s highly specialized, ink jet printing process, is essential to delivering highly reliable print and mail outcomes.. As a result of supply chain issues, the pandemic, and other factors, paper costs have been rising since 2020 and allocation of these materials have been diminishing.. The increases look a little better for 2023; experts project it will rise by 3% in 2023.

In addition to paper cost spikes, availability has also been challenging. Even as supply increases, these price fluctuations cause your transactional print and mail costs to go up. One of the best decisions you can make is to standardize envelopes. Doing so provides benefits that reduce cost and increase efficiency. . However, many businesses are reluctant to do this. In this post, we’ll share the advantages of envelope standardization and address your objections.

What’s Holding You Back from Standardizing Envelopes?

When we collaborate with companies, we often discuss how they can minimize costs using a standard #10 envelope. The pushback to this approach usually comes down to two things.

First, marketing and branding professionals often want the company logo in the left corner. They believe it’s essential for recognition. With transactional mail, you’re sending invoices, statements, checks, and other confidential documents. The “risk” of customers not opening it is relatively slim. Thus, this “must-have” feature doesn’t necessarily add value and costs you more for custom envelopes.

Second, companies sometimes reject the idea because they don’t want to change their formats and templates to meet a standard envelope. They believe it would be too much work and effort even if they save on paper costs. Organizations actually don’t have to do the heavy lifting here. Your transactional print and mail provider can handle this for you, making the transition seamless.

Clearing these hurdles and misconceptions can put you on pace to decrease your paper budget, ensure supply and reduce risk of mis-mailings.

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The Advantages of Standardized Envelopes

envelope standardization advantages

The biggest benefit you’ll realize is cost savings. When you switch to a standard #10 window envelope, you’ll pay a fraction of what you do now with custom envelopes. These envelopes are always in stock, and your printer can take advantage of volume discounts. Choosing to stay with envelopes that are non-standard immediately increases expenses. Additionally, your provider would have to stock these, which could involve storage costs. Their availability may not be consistent either, which could lead to delays.

If envelopes are all the same, you can also take advantage of the White Paper Factory (WPF) process. In this method, plain white envelopes run through high-speed inkjet printers to dynamically print on the outside if you’re not using double window #10.

Another reason to standardize is to minimize security and compliance risks. Transactional mail has so many regulations and rules to follow. The threat of a mis-mailing is minimal with standardized envelopes. Your transactional print and mail company should also use advanced inserters to ensure each document lands in the correct envelope. The bottom line is that custom envelopes do increase the risks around non-compliance.

Reduce Envelope Paper Costs and Compliance Risk with Standardized Envelopes

You can benefit greatly from simply changing one part of the print and mail process. When all your communications use the same envelopes, you’ll save money, always have inventory, and strengthen security and compliance. It’s one of the first things we talk to our clients about when developing the most cost-effective and efficient process. Don’t let rising paper costs eat up your budget! There’s a better way with PCI Group.

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