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While we live in the digital age, printing is still necessary for any business. It can be a costly one, especially if you produce and mail a large volume of documents and letters to customers. Due to its nature, you have to worry about security, accuracy, and compliance. As a result, processes are complex, and costs are high. Print management services may be a good fit for your organization to avoid this.

What Are Print Management Services?

Print management services refer to an organization using a third party to manage document printing. It can pertain to a variety of different document types. This discussion singles out those that are transactional print and mail, which means they contain confidential and personal information. This would include:

  • Invoices or statements
  • Healthcare communications
  • Financial notices
  • Collection letters
  • Insurance documents
  • Checks

These are the set of documents that have the most scrutiny, as they must meet compliance measures, support the accuracy of mailings, and be of high quality.

Why Would a Company Use Print Management Services?

There are many reasons that organizations choose to outsource printing, from reducing costs to reallocating labor. Here are a few reasons why so many companies rely on print management services.

Print Management Services can Save Money

You’ll need advanced equipment and technology to run a transactional print and mail operation. You’ll also need the space and materials to do the work. Costs will continue to rise in this area as you’ll need to upgrade and audit operations continuously.

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benefits of print managed servicesAll those capital expenses disappear with managed services. You pay a per-piece rate for the print and postage. Providers have such a high volume; you’d likely never reach their postage rate savings.

Improve Deliverability

How often do these documents return to you? Are you using features like address scrubbing to ensure you have the right information? If not, these errors can be costly and possibly render you non-compliant. With managed services, companies doing this on your behalf have the most sophisticated systems to improve deliverability.

Avoid Mis-Mailings

What happens if the wrong letter enters an envelope? There may be no harm, or it could be a blunder that ends up in fines and reputational impact. Accuracy is everything in transactional mail, and you can only achieve the highest limits with dynamic printing and insertion technology that’s top tier. If you can’t invest in this, your managed provider does.

Boost Engagement

Are your statements, letters, or documents easy to understand and personalized? If they still look like they did 10 years ago, there are many more options. A well-designed communication customized for the recipient gets more attention. Personalization can include promoting other services or other up-sales. With color and formatting, your customers can also more easily find information that’s most important.

Working with a transactional printer is like having a document expert on your team. They follow best practices from years of experience that can make a difference in engagement.

Print Management Services Are Good for Business

Since print is not your core competency, why waste time, effort, and money on doing it? Find a partner to manage that part of your business. You’ll reduce costs, improve accuracy, prevent errors, and boost engagement.

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