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In the modern world, customers have expectations that communications from businesses should be relevant to them. In other words, personalization is critical to engagement and more. When executed well, it can drive better responses. This notion covers every industry, and it’s something telecom companies are eager to explore. Personalized telecom communications directly on statements can deliver an easy way to foster loyalty, upsell and cross-sell, and improve the customer relationship.

Does Personalization Really Matter to Customers?

The short answer is yes. To demonstrate why personalization matters, consider these statistics:

  • 72% of consumers only engage with marketing messages if they are customized.
  • Personalization can lift revenues by 5-15%.
  • 51% of companies that use personalization across channels experienced an increased ROI of up to 300%.
  • 87% of consumers agree that personally relevant content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

From these data points, you can see the benefits of personalization. Many telecom businesses are already using personalization in digital channels. However, they might be overlooking another channel—transactional mail.

Telecom statements arrive every month. Consumers open them because it’s a bill they have to pay. Such a document gets attention in a way marketing materials or inserts seldom do. That’s why it makes sense to personalize telecom communications.

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How Statement Personalization Works

Dynamic printing on statements is similar to how you segment in digital channels. What appears on each communication does so because of data. Professional print and mail companies enable this readily through a concept called a White Paper Factory (WPF).

A WPF approach uses rolls of white paper fed into an inkjet printer that receives data from files to print each statement individually. Along with the contact and billing information, each piece can also include personalized marketing messages. This can consist of text and imagery, and it’s all in full color.

The system also uses barcodes on each page to manage the distribution to ensure each statement arrives to the correct customer. Cameras also record the insertion of the documents into the envelope.

It’s high-tech but affordable and capable of delivering ROI.

Ideas for Content on Personalized Telecom Communications

telecom personalizationIt’s literally a blank slate for you to customize telecom communications. Most telecom companies offer multiple services and different packages for each. That’s where most personalization starts—upselling and cross-selling. The content can reflect promotions to add a service or upgrade a package for each statement. The specific deal you provide can be different across customers, based on what you know about them.

In addition to upselling and cross-selling services and packages, you can highlight specials on phones, routers, and other equipment. Those would make sense as their current hardware becomes outdated.

You may already be presenting these offers through email or SMS marketing. With statements, you add another channel to reiterate and remind customers of deals. With all these working together, you can see significant lifts in purchases.

Personalizing with Dynamic Printing Turns a Cost into a Revenue Generator

With dynamic printing, you have the potential to take a cost category and make money from it. You can track the effectiveness of your strategy by making it measurable. To discern ROI, you’d need to know that the statement communication led to the sale. You can do that by having unique phone numbers, emails, or website pages for the customer to learn more. You could also use a QR code on the statement for the customer to scan, leading to a personalized landing page with the offer.

There’s also a cost savings associated with taking two communication types—transactional and promotional—into one.

How to Implement Personalized Telecom Communications

If you’re not currently using any dynamic printing capabilities, you’ll need to find the right partner that can execute this. That partner needs the advanced technologies to put this in motion. They should also be able to ensure accuracy, compliance, security, and quality. It takes more than high-tech equipment to be an industry-leading transactional printer.

At PCI Group, transactional is all we do. That singular focus means we have all the technology, processes, and people to meet the needs of telecom providers. We have a long history of working with the industry and helping them connect with customers through dynamic messaging on statements.

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