When it comes to critical communications, like customer invoices, medical statements and other types of confidential mailings, there is no substitute for getting it right. Investing in the right processes and systems to optimize customer communications is not an option, it’s a necessity. Technology advances in the equipment used in customer communication printing, have created smarter systems. This enables high-speed production, accuracy and efficiency. The process is known as the White Paper Factory (WPF) and while it is not exclusive to PCI Group, PCI is a recognized leader in taking advantage of its capabilities to produce superior results for our customers.

Through years of embracing the WPF manufacturing environment and utilizing this advanced technology, we have fine tuned the practice, improving it at every step. Trusted by brands across the country, our solutions offer a full-service approach to printed customer communications. PCI leads the industry with an accuracy rate of 99.9999%.

What Is a White Paper Factory and How Does It Work

The WPF is considered the best in class, end-to-end solution for customer communications. This means everything aspect of the production process is managed. Digitally composed files connect to in-line print production then intelligent insertion, using 3-D barcodes.

The system enables any type of variable data generated communications. The WPF keeps all data secure and ensures every step along the process is verified. It facilitates a high level of productivity and printed efficiencies.

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With these automated, exact processes, labor-intensive offline printing tasks are eliminated. All the time and effort spent coordinating advance print runs are now vacated with the WPF. There is no reason to pre-print materials, which can be a huge waste of money and time should the information change. No need for storage either, which removes the costs associated with it. You’ll also enjoy nearly error-free operations, which is unattainable with less efficient production methods.

Cost Savings

The WPF is a comprehensive strategy to streamline the process, which delivers substantial cost savings. Cost savings come for a variety of steps within the process. First, there are the overall cost savings of outsourcing your critical communications to take advantage of the WPF.

When partnering with PCI as your critical communications provider, expect these savings:

  • No pre-print or inventory costs
  • Reduced labor and FTE expenses
  • Less returned mail due to bad addresses
  • Savings when statement and envelopes are printed together
  • Lower material costs
  • Work share discounts and greater postal densities

Why Accuracy Matters

A lot of companies in the customer communication print industry report over 99% accuracy, which, on the surface seems like a good number. Because one percent of errors won’t really make a difference. Not exactly. If your run is 1,000,000 pieces—that’s 10,000 errors. This error could be something simple like a misspelling or something as disastrous as customers receiving another person’s bill, thus exposing personally identifiable information (PII). With an integrated print and mail process, along with other quality management tools like address scrubbing, you elevate the quality of your program.

The White Paper Factory Delivers Efficiency

  • Eliminate pre-printed inventory
  • Add full color to documents to improve open rates
  • Personalize content based on audience
  • Prevent insertion errors
  • Enjoy 99.9999% accuracy

Personalized Messaging

When you segment your customers, you are better able to target them in personalized messaging. This messaging can also appear on the actual document, versus an insert, as customers are more likely to read these. This type of customization exists with the WPF. When you use WPF to optimize messaging, it creates more value for the process. It’s an expense that looks more like an investment.

Expect many choices for messaging directly to customers. The content and color scheme can change based on different types of data like gender, age, preferences, buying habits, and other demographics. You can upgrade to full color without a high increase in costs.

This is another channel to communicate with customers. It can be part of a multi-channel approach that turns into a way to generate revenue. This type of communication creates a better customer experience because of its relevance. Consider this example. If your company has five different services that can be bundled, and a customer already has two, the message should be about why they need to add the other three.

Take Advantage of the WPF

If your organization is struggling with accuracy and costs associated with customer communications, it’s time to find a better way. Improve accuracy and reduce costs with PCI’s WPF process. Not only can you achieve these things, but you can begin to be strategic about your messaging on the documents. Target customers with personalized content to increase customer responses.